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I am an Indian now: Pakistan woman who fell in love with UP man

I am an Indian now: Pakistan woman who fell in love with UP man

Noida: The cross-border love story of Sachin Meena from India and Seema Haider of Pakistan has every element it takes to make a Bollywood love drama with chance meeting, falling in love, difficult escapades and final union.

The couple is looking forward to start a new life as they walk out of prison after high drama beginning with Seema’s arrest on July 4.

Seema was arrested for illegally entering the nation with her four children, aged below seven years, while Sachin is jailed for sheltering illegal immigrants, according to NDTV.

After days of travails, Seema told NDTV that her husband is a Hindu, so she is a Hindu adding ‘I feel I am an Indian now.’

The couple met and fell in love while playing the online game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) during Covid pandemic.

In March this year, Seema, 30, and Sachin, 25, met in Nepal for the first time and got married .

She called her journey ‘grueling’, adding that she left Karachi for Dubai where she waited for 11 hours without sleep before flying to Nepal and then she found herself on road to Pokhara to meet Sachin.

Afterwards she went back to Pakistan and Sachin returned to India.

Seema who was not in good terms with her husband sold a piece of land for 12 lakh Pakistan rupees and bought flight ticket and Nepal visa for herself and four children, according to the report.

She reached Nepal via Dubai in May and spent time in Pokhara before taking a bus for Delhi from Kathmandu.

She arrived in Greater Noida on May 13 and joined Sachin who took her to a rental accommodation hiding her Pakistani identity, the report said.

They were arrested on July 4 and put in jail, and Seema was granted bail on Saturday. She said will work to arrange papers to move to India.

Seema rejoiced at her release saying, ‘I shouted in joy when I heard the news. I had thought that I would be in jail for months’.

Seema's husband Ghulam Haider in a video message requested the Indian government to help him reunite with his wife.

Seema told reporters that she is not willing to return to her husband, claiming a threat to her life in Pakistan.

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