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The joke that is Security Council

UN Security Council (representative image only)

Within hours from Russian President Vladimir Putin' declaration about annexing four regions of Ukraine to Russia, the United Nations Security Council considered a resolution condemning the Russian action. Although Russia vetoed it down, it will soon be tabled before the UN General Assembly. That the Security Council vetoed it does not mean it was rejected, as the vote count indicates. The resolution moved by the United States and Albania was endorsed by 10 out of the 15 members, with four including India abstaining. There was no country in support of Russia except itself. The content of the resolution consisted of three points: the changes made by Russia in the borders of Ukraine is rejected by the international community; it condemns the 'referendum' Russia conducted as basis for its annexation; and thirdly it calls on Russia to withdraw its forces. The message from the Security Council, apart from Russian veto, is that the majority of the Council are in consonance with the three points. The nations of the world expressed its disagreement with Russia and their stance of opposing its encroachment and annexation. Although Russia says that the unilateral expansion of Nato is a threat to its security, the majority of the Security Council feel that it does not justify Russia's overt and blatant aggression and massacres. This has to be seen as the consensus position of the world body.

But it is here that the double standards of the UN, the Security Council and the West including America come to the fore. Those countries react within hours when any aggression takes place in the 'white man's land' of Europe. But when more brutal and prolonged injustices are committed against countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Palestine, the same nations support aggressors with human and military resources and their clout. Take the case of Palestine alone: last year, 275 civilians were killed including 61 children and 35 women. Forty schools, many hospitals and 94 buildings according UN figures, were all demolished in the attack on Gaza by Zionists. In the attacks that lasted just 11 days, 72,000 people were made refugees. When a resolution came before the Security Council condemning Israel's human rights violations and war crimes, America vetoed it. In February this year, after the Ukraine occupation by Russia, America moved half a dozen emergency resolutions, convened urgent Security Council meetings and initiated action against Russia. The same America, during Israel's Gaza attack, blocked in the span of a week, three Security Council resolutions that called on Israel for truce. The US, which denounces Russia's use of veto, has a record of using the same privilege 82 times to protect Israel in the Council. Out of this, 43 were aimed at defending diabolic acts of Israel. America and its allies have only propped Israel with money, veto and arms when it steadily indulges in genocide, settlements and racial discrimination in violation of international law, including the Geneva conventions.

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, it took only hours for the US side to come up with moves for severe embargo against Russia. After a few months, Israel unleashed killings in Gaza. By using 6,000 bombs it killed 2,100 Palestinians. When a demand was raised for sanctions against Israel, the US response was that Israel had a right to self-defence. Western countries generally encounter with 'anti-Semitic' stigma those countries who try to use Israel's racial discrimination with the BDS strategy (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions) which the world had effectively used against the apartheid in South Africa. It is the same forces which tighten sanctions against Russia and Iran and other countries to serve their own interest. The countries that make a hue and cry promptly on Russia's annexation of Ukraine territory, don't even see the crimes of Israel which illegally occupies the West Bank including east Jerusalem, has captured the Golan Heights, strangles Gaza and encroaches on others' territory through settlements in violation of the Geneva Convention. Not only do they approve of Israel's human rights violations, apartheid and war crimes, but even justify them. When those who ignore scores of Security Council resolutions against Israel, pose as peace-loving nations, that can only provoke laughter.

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