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Ukraine army struggles to recruit amid ongoing war with Russia



Kyiv: The Ukrainian army, grappling with a prolonged war with Russian forces, faces a daunting task in recruiting fresh troops as the war enters its 22nd month.

The ongoing combat and a diminishing number of volunteers to replace the fallen or injured have left units understaffed and in dire need of new, motivated recruits.

Major Oleksandr Volkov, situated near the frontline city of Bakhmut, acknowledged the scarcity of manpower, emphasising the necessity for younger recruits under the age of 40. However, the urgency for reinforcements compelled Volkov to cancel a training session due to frost, prioritising the safety of the troops.

Despite potential misconceptions about the war nearing conclusion, Volkov highlighted the relentless strength of the enemy, highlighting ongoing efforts to resist and overcome them. The conflict, ongoing for nearly two years, has seen minimal changes in the front lines despite Ukraine's summer counteroffensive, backed by substantial Western weaponry.

In contrast, the Russian forces, bolstered by increased troops and resources, have managed to gain ground in various areas, pressing forward despite significant losses. This relentless pressure has compounded the strain on Ukrainian forces already reeling from immense casualties and psychological tolls of trench warfare.

Lieutenant Igor Prokopiak reflected on the initial surge of adrenaline among recruits at the conflict's outset, noting the subsequent sobering effect of social media exposure to the grim realities of war. Fear and the genuine threat to life emerged, reducing the willingness of individuals to join the fray.

Volkov lamented the reluctance of civilians to enlist, observing a notable absence of mobilisation among young individuals, contributing to the composition of units dominated by those over-45s. The discontent among soldiers' families demanding their return from the frontlines reflects the growing public concern.

President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged the need for a comprehensive review of the recruitment system, emphasising the critical timing of both demobilisation and recruitment into military units. He highlighted the necessity for systemic changes, expressing concerns over the quality-oriented approach in the recruitment process, reported AFP.

Despite these challenges, new recruits have begun to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and the imperative need to defend Ukraine.

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