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Supplying Kyiv arms, NATO members participate in war: Putin

Supplying Kyiv arms, NATO members participate in war: Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO members of supplying arms to Ukraine in its war against Russia and the West of planning to break up Russia, Agence France-Presse reported.

In an interview with a TV channel aired on Sunday, Putin said that sending tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine is equivalent to participation in the conflict.

Speaking on the occasion of a patriotic concert in Moscow on Thursday, on the eve of one year of its invasion in Ukraine, Putin said that though indirectly, the West is taking part in "the crimes being carried out by" the Ukraine administration, adding that the Western countries have only one aim, that is to break up the Soviet Union and "its main part- the Russian Federation.

AFP quoted Putin, "Only then will they maybe accept us in the so-called family of civilised peoples but only separately, every part separately."

He reiterated his demand for a multipolar world and added that he is pretty sure that such a world scenario would happen.

Putin said that Russia is only against the formation of a new world that is being built on the US's interests.

"What are we against? Against the fact that this new world that is taking shape is being built only in the interests of just one country, the United States," AFP quoted Putin.

He said that the US's attempts to rec-configure the world in its own interests, post the fall of the Soviet Union, led to the current situation. Russia is obliged to react to that, Putin warned.

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