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Russia attacks Ukraine's apartment building, killing 6

Russia attacks Ukraines apartment building, killing 6

Kyiv: Russian rockets hit a five-storey apartment in Donetsk region killing six alongside a fresh wave of attack started in Kyiv after weeks of calm in the area.

More than 30 are feared trapped in the collapsing building, Reuters reported quoting the governor of the region.

The heavy attack took place on Saturday evening in the town of Chasiv Yar according to the governor.

Reports say that at least 34 people might have got trapped in the debris.

Russia has been pounding Ukraine with heavy bombardment since February 24, 2022 beginning with the capital Kyiv.

Over the weeks, Russian troops moved into interior Ukraine, causing grievous damages turning the nation into a heap of rubble.

At some point onward Russia stopped attacking Kyiv focusing on other remoter areas.

Just a fortnight ago Russia began attacking capital Kyiv in weeks razing an apartment building and kindergarten.

At least one person died in the attack while many others trapped in the buildings.

Russia fired long-range missiles from more than 1,000km (620 miles) away in the southern Russian region of Astrakhan.

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