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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Zelensky (file photos)

Pro-Russian authorities held referendums in four Ukrainian provinces on the 27th of September, escalating the war in Ukraine to a new level. Russia asserts that a huge majority of individuals, 87 to 99 per cent, opted to integrate their territory with Russia. The so-called merger will be approved by the Russian parliament on October 4. The United States and the European Union have issued warnings that the referendums were a 'sham' and will only serve to intensify the conflict.

The Zelensky administration in Ukraine was established in 2019 before which Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 and was virtually cut off from Ukraine. Russia's animosity towards the NATO alliance grew along with hostility towards the Zelensky regime, who was not in the good books of Russia already. The Russians worry that once all of their bordering nations join NATO, they would be surrounded by enemies. But despite opposition from Russia, the NATO membership bid of neighbouring Finland and Sweden has reached the final stages. As Ukraine also became involved in the situation, Russia's objection seemed only natural. However, President Zelensky was prepared to put the EU membership move on hold for the time being when the conflict broke out on February 24. The international community has also put pressure on it up until recently to avoid a war. However, bilateral negotiations or the intervention of a powerful mediator like the UN were also badly missing, and by that time Russia had already made significant military gains.

On the other hand, China hasn't publicly declared its support for Russia in this matter. China, which may lose its substantial commercial ties with the United States and the European Union, remained silent on the anti-Russian resolution in the Security Council. However, the initial advantage in the war that Russia enjoyed no longer exists. Reports indicate that Russian control over the Kharkiv region has all but ceased, and because of the significant death toll, fresh Russian citizens are being drafted for military recruitment. Meanwhile, America and Europe are providing Ukraine with increasing amounts of financial and military aid. Most recently, the United States announced 1.1 billion dollars in aid. Putin and the defence minister claimed that it would not be difficult to enlist 2.5 million of the enormous Russian population into the military, yet just 1% of that strength is currently being called up. Putin is also once more threatening nuclear attacks in the middle of these unfavourable elements. He reiterated that it is not a mere bluff.

Going by the past and present of the country, there is little hope for peace in Ukraine, which is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia. Many people have already died as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. Other problems include food shortages, fuel shortages, and migration as a result of economic sanctions. An estimated 9,000 Ukrainians and 25,000 Russians have already died, and 6.6 million people have been made refugees. There is also a severe crisis in financial transactions, a shortage of food grains, a surge in oil prices, and fuel scarcity. The financial industry is likewise intrigued by the possibility that the Euro will overthrow the dollar's dominance and become a more popular medium of trade. Overall, though, only one man—Putin—can dispel the fog of this biggest war over Europe since the Second World War. But among other things, the United States and its European allies should also agree to ease anti-Russian military operations and renegotiate economic sanctions. Only then will the people of the affected countries be freed from the ravages of this war.

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