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Cybersecurity researchers allege data leak over Facebook

Cybersecurity researchers allege data leak over Facebook

New Delhi: An allegation of data breach against Meta has been reported by cybersecurity experts, claiming at least the data of one lakh users of Facebook has appeared on a data breach forum.

The team from New Delhi-based non-profit organisation CyberPeace alleged that 1,00,000 lines of fresh user data from Facebook (Meta) have surfaced on a data breach forum. “The compromised data includes full names, profiles, emails, phone numbers, and locations,” said CyberPeace.

The exposure of personal details could lead to phishing attacks and other malicious activities against those affected. The identity of the threat actors responsible for this breach is currently unknown. Facebook (Meta) has yet to comment on the CyberPeace claims.

"Investigations are ongoing to determine whether this breach is the work of a sophisticated cybercriminal group, hacktivists or other malicious entities,” said researchers. “Facebook (Meta) faces potential reputational damage due to concerns about data security, potentially impacting user trust,” the researchers said. The alleged Facebook (Meta) data breach highlights the ongoing challenges posed by cyber threats in the digital space.

The researchers said that the incident underscores the critical need for organisations to continuously enhance and fortify their cybersecurity measures to protect user data and maintain public trust.

Source: IANS

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