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A new year of hope and resistance

A new year of hope and resistance

As we enter the new year, the world is shrouded in the dark clouds of another pandemic. Omicron, a variant of Covid, is spreading throughout Europe. Judging by the daily reports, our country may seem relatively safe, but that is not to say that it is not worried. Hints of lockdown are being heard around the world similar to the last two years. Even if any small area in this global village were to come to a standstill, it would almost certainly affect the entire globe, and it is almost certain that the coronavirus will continue to restrict travel in the new year.

But we have to move on; there is no doubt that we have to control the pandemic with the strength of acquired knowledge and technology. The scientific world has come a long way in that direction. Perhaps, by the end of this year, it should come as no surprise that a world free of Covid fears is possible. In that sense, the world welcomes the new year with great anticipation, despite concerns.

Although it can be said that the Covid defense was made possible by man's acquired knowledge in the field of science and technology, it must be recognised that other factors also worked behind it. Despite its many weaknesses, it is relatively easy to get rid of the pandemic because the world is moving forward in a democracy based on human values. Technology has failed miserably in covid defense in all the countries where this democratic system has been severely compromised. Trump's America and Modi's India are examples of this. Cities, including New York, were littered with corpses as Trump stood plotting a coup against Covid despite adequate medical facilities. In the early days of Covid, India became a land of great catastrophe, with the adoption of fascist-style means, including lockdowns, without any principle. The public has not yet recovered from that scourge. The Modi administration was interested in employing even Covid as the best tool of racism. Instead of democracy, the hysterical politics of Hindutva has been observed to be the root cause of all this tragedy. Although we have largely escaped the danger posed by Covid, the sword of fascism still hangs over the heads of the public. 2022 is crucial for India and Indians. Assembly elections will be held in Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat this year. Of these, except in Punjab, in all other states the NDA is in power; besides, states like UP and Gujarat are also political laboratories of Hindutva. Of course, the fate of these people will not only determine the future of their respective states; it also reflects the destiny of our country. Therefore, the new year is leading us to the democratic arena of what can be described as the rehearsal or semi - final of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. But when the election commotion erupts, only the aggressive slogans of Hindutva are heard. The Prime Minister and others are not talking about the progress of the country; rather, they are talking about cow politics and the Ram temple in Ayodhya that is being built on the land of the demolished Babri masjid. After Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi are the campaign topics. The fact that Covid and lockdown have starved this country is no longer an issue for anyone. Instead of discussing the welfare state, it should be understood that this country is ripe for the regime of fascism as these battle cries of racism arise.

Voices of Hindutva are constantly being heard not only in the streets but also from the sanctum of democracy. It is no coincidence that BJP members in the House demanded the repeal of laws, including the Place of Worship Act, which protected minorities' places of worship; Hindutva organisations have also approached the courts with the same demand. With the approval of both, the Sangh Parivar will take over the mosques in Kashi and Mathura 'legally'. It means that the street-crazy mob has entered Parliament as well. It is that mob that is selling the country 'constitutionally' and crushing the spirit of the idea of ​​India. However, we must not despair. There have been rare instances during this period in which this mob has been pushed back by popular resistance. The great victory of the farmers protest will strengthen the voices of the democrats. Therefore, hope has not sunk. India must be recaptured through strong struggles and debates. Let New Year's Day be its beginning.

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