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Genocide failing in its goal

Genocide failing in its goal

The Christian priest of Bethlehem Rev. Munther Isaaq does not mince words in his anger towards Christians in America. His complaint is that they are unable to oppose the genocide even out of solidarity with the Palestinian Christians in Gaza. This is not just the grief of just a priest. Six months into Israel's Gaza massacre, the situation is that the victims are on one side, the perpetrators and their accomplices, and many governments around the world on the other. That about 40,000 people were killed, more than three quarter lakh people were seriously injured, 60 percent of the houses were destroyed, and about four hundred educational institutions, including the best universities, were destroyed is a mere statistic for the world. But for every life that was caught, there are hundreds of stories of injustice. When tens of thousands of children were killed in bombed-out buildings and missiles hit overhead, they too had dreams and aspirations. A third of Gaza's population is homeless. Their misery, beginning with the Nakba of 1948, should have been the subject of the world that facilitated it. But then and now, before and after October 7th, the 'civilized' countries sided with the hunter. They did not stop Israel, but encouraged it with more weapons and money, even as it destroyed hospitals and schools. The stories Israel concocted to pulverise Gaza were repeated even by the US president. They were not ready to change their position, even after those stories were proved to be false. It was only a little after Israel deliberately killed seven volunteers of the World Central Kitchen relief agency that the US president budged a bit.

Israel is adamant that it will not let in the food stock piled up at the Rafah border to Gaza even in a situation when children are dying of starvation. But the United States was constrained to say that they would not supply arms unless this stubbornness stopped. With that, Israel loosened up a bit. It is clear that this relaxation is only a cover to get more weapons to continue the genocide. Even when that is clear, it cannot be assumed that America will stop complicity in the genocide. It took American about 40,000 people, including more than 13,000 children, to be killed before it showed the magnanimity of not vetoing a ceasefire resolution in the Security Council. If America and Israel are retreating even a little, it is because they realize that the conscience of the world is against them. None of Israel's strategies have succeeded—except the plan to make Gaza uninhabitable. The world is witness to the fact that even months after the World Court ruled that what happened in Gaza falls under the category of genocide and that it must stop, neither Israel is prepared to abide by it, nor the United States to withdraw its support. The world saw the people of Gaza being driven back and forth and bombed to death wherever they went. The world is also witness to the Zionist leaders declaring their intention to bomb and starve the Gazans and their carrying it out. It is also seeing American terror of giving weapons to Israel and a paltry supply of food parcels to Gaza. The world also sees new revelations that Israel used artificial intelligence technology to carry out mass murder.

"Civilized" countries are not unaware of the courtesy due from the occupying country to the occupied territory, the fact that the resolutions of the World Court and the Security Council apply to all member states, and the law that accomplices to genocide are also guilty of the crime. News is also emerging of the racist ad corrut roots of the unatural servility towards Israel. The world is coming to realize the realities, albeit slowly. The world is coming to realize the realities, albeit slowly. Israel and its allies may still be making arguments that the rest of mankind, with a slightest bit of humaneness left, cannot agree with. But by telling the stories of Gaza, boycotting the companies and products that fuel Israel's slaughter, and putting pressure on governments, various communities are amplifying the feeble voice of humanity. And they also declare loud the stunning morale of Gaza, who offer resistance with grit. The lesson from the butchery that has completed half a year is that the Zionist state cannot hold out against these two.

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