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Pak cleric deems drama Nikah as real Nikah, triggers controversy

Pak cleric deems drama Nikah as real Nikah, triggers controversy

A recent statement by a Pakistani religious cleric claiming that Nikah scenes in Pakistani television dramas hold real-life validity has ignited a firestorm of debate and discussion on social media platforms, sparking widespread controversy and mixed reactions among netizens.

The assertion, which suggests that the on-screen unions of Pakistani actors in dramas or serials are recognized as legitimate marriages in the eyes of Islam, has drawn sharp criticism and raised serious questions from some quarters. Many are expressing shock at the cleric's statement, questioning its theological basis and implications for real-life marital customs.

Conversely, there is a segment of the audience celebrating and extending congratulations to their favourite on-screen couples from Pakistani dramas, viewing the cleric's statement as a validation of their favourite fictional romances. This light-hearted reaction has added a layer of amusement to the heated debate surrounding the issue.

In response to the cleric's statement, Nadia Hussain, a model and actor, voiced her concerns, emphasizing that the portrayal of Nikah scenes in television dramas is entirely fictionalized and diverges significantly from authentic Islamic marriage customs.

She pointed out the use of fictitious names, witnesses, and signatures in these scenes, highlighting the stark contrast between the dramatized ceremonies and real-life rituals.

Despite the serious tone of the debate, some social media users have taken a more light-hearted approach, seizing the opportunity to jest about the alleged real-life marriages of their favourite actors.

One such user jokingly congratulated Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, two beloved figures in the Pakistani entertainment industry, on their supposed nuptials, adding a touch of humour to the contentious discourse.

The controversy has cast a spotlight on the portrayal of Nikah scenes in Pakistani dramas, prompting reflection within the industry on the ethical and cultural implications of such depictions.

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