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Indian Ex-Muslim YouTuber desecrates, burns Quran in live video, sparks social media frenzy

Indian Ex-Muslim YouTuber desecrates, burns Quran in live video, sparks social media frenzy

Social media platforms were set ablaze over a video of the desecration of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, by a YouTuber known as 'Ex Muslim Sameer', showcasing Sameer purportedly placing his feet on it, tearing its sacred pages, and ultimately burning it

This brazen display of disregard for a revered religious text sent shockwaves through cyberspace, triggering widespread outrage and condemnation from netizens, particularly those of the Islamic faith.

Sameer, who identifies himself as a former Muslim and has garnered a substantial following of over 208,000 subscribers on YouTube, has long been known for his provocative and inflammatory views on Islam.

Under the pseudonym Siddharth Chaturvedi, he has utilized his platform to espouse contentious rhetoric and engage in contentious debates with Muslim leaders, often resorting to derogatory language and offensive imagery.

The video's dissemination quickly ignited a heated debate surrounding the balance between freedom of expression and religious sensitivity, sparking fervent discussions about the boundaries of respectful discourse in online platforms. While some defended Sameer's right to express dissenting views, others denounced his actions as egregious affronts to religious sentiments.

As the controversy gained momentum, calls for punitive action against Sameer reverberated across social media, with numerous users demanding his arrest and prosecution for the purported desecration of the Quran. The hashtag #ArrestExMuslimSameer swiftly gained traction, amassing over 200,000 posts by midday on May 28.

However, amidst the escalating furore, authorities from the Uttarakhand Police and Haridwar Police sought to quell the tumult by issuing statements refuting claims of Quran desecration within their jurisdictions. They denied any evidence of such an incident occurring in Haridwar or the Padli Gurjar region of Roorkee, where Sameer was purportedly believed to reside.

According to official statements released by the Haridwar Police and Uttarakhand Police, investigations into the matter have been initiated, and individuals disseminating inflammatory content related to the alleged desecration have been warned of potential legal repercussions.

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