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China launches new cyber force to enhance military capabilities


Beijing: China has officially announced the establishment of a new military cyber force aimed at strengthening its ability to "fight and win" in warfare.

The Information Support Force, as it's named, will play a crucial role in coordinating and developing network information systems, according to defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian.

With tensions between China and the United States, along with other regional powers, on the rise, China has invested heavily in modernising its armed forces. This move marks another significant step in the country's military development, reported AFP.

President Xi Jinping, who has been working to consolidate control over the military since taking office ten years ago, celebrated the launch of the new cyber force at a ceremony in Beijing. "This new force represents a strategic advancement in establishing a new system of services and arms, enhancing China's modern military structure," Wu commented.

While specific details about the cyber force's role were not disclosed, Wu emphasized its importance in both high-quality development and modern warfare capabilities. Xi Jinping echoed this sentiment, congratulating the force's establishment and stressing its role in improving China's military system.

"The founding of this force is a significant decision made by the top leadership of the Communist Party to improve the modern military force system with Chinese characteristics," Xi stated during the ceremony.

Xi further underscored the importance of unwavering loyalty to the Communist Party's leadership over the military. "We must resolutely obey the party's command and fully implement the fundamental principles and systems of the party's absolute leadership over the military," he asserted.

China's territorial ambitions have long been a source of contention with its neighbors and the United States. The country claims sovereignty over Taiwan, which the U.S. has vowed to defend. Additionally, China's expansive claims in the South China Sea, disputes with Japan over certain islands, and border tensions with India have added to regional concerns.

The establishment of this new cyber force signals China's commitment to bolstering its military capabilities in an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape.

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