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US startup launches AI to build websites and videos

Devin AI

Cognition, a US-based start-up, has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first AI software engineer named Devin.

This innovative AI software engineer possesses the ability to write, debug, and deploy code, enabling the creation of functional websites and videos based on a given prompt.

In comparison to existing software development assistants like Copilot, built by GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI, Devin takes the role of a next-level software development assistant. This AI software engineer can transform a single command into a fully functional website or software program.

Devin goes beyond providing coding suggestions and auto-completing tasks by independently handling and completing entire software projects, streamlining the development process.

Devin is equipped with its own command line, code editor, and browser, allowing it to operate autonomously. During a demonstration by Cognition CEO Scott Wu, Devin showcased its capabilities, displaying the tasks it performs and autonomously identifying and rectifying bugs as it tests the written code.

Teaching AI to function as a programmer involves solving a complex algorithmic problem that requires the system to make intricate decisions and anticipate future steps in deciding the appropriate route to take, according to Scott Wu.

He likened the process to a mental game that has now been translated into an AI system, offering a unique approach to coding.

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