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Instagram tests AI-powered chatbots for influencers to automate DMs


Instagram is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence (AI) feature named "Creator AI," aimed at influencers to automate their direct interactions with followers.

This AI-powered chatbot is said to be capable of mimicking an influencer's style and mannerisms, allowing for more personalized engagement with followers.

According to The New York Times, Meta-owned Instagram is currently in the early stages of testing this new feature. The platform is reaching out to prominent influencers with large followings to introduce them to the "Creator AI" program.

Initially, the focus of the AI capabilities will be on managing direct messages (DMs) between influencers and their followers. However, there are plans to expand these AI functionalities to the comment sections of posts in the future.

The introduction of this AI chatbot aims to address a significant challenge faced by popular influencers: managing a high volume of direct messages.

Responding to these messages manually can be time-consuming, and ignoring them can lead to missed opportunities for organic engagement. The AI chatbot, trained using the influencer's data like posts, captions, comments, Reels audio, and message history, will be able to replicate the influencer's texting style.

Influencers will have control over the data used to train these AI chatbots, ensuring that the AI mimics their unique communication style accurately. This approach enables influencers to maintain authenticity while managing their interactions more efficiently.

This initiative is not the first instance of Meta exploring AI chatbots designed to emulate real individuals.

Previously, Meta had launched AI avatars based on popular celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, YouTuber Mr. Beast, and rapper Snoop Dogg. These AI characters, behaving similarly to their real-life counterparts, had their own Instagram and Facebook pages, allowing users to simulate conversations with these celebrities.

Public reception of this new feature is likely to vary. While some users may appreciate the opportunity to engage more intimately with their favorite influencers, others might find the simulated experience less appealing. As with many AI-driven innovations, the success of "Creator AI" will hinge on how it is perceived by the Instagram community.

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