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More support for an independent Palestine

More support for an independent Palestine

European nations Spain, Norway and Ireland have decided to recognize an independent Palestinian state to expedite peace efforts in the West. The heads of the states said on Wednesday that the official recognition will come into force from the 28th of this month. Norway believes that the idea of a two-state solution in Palestine respects Israel's best interests, and without this recognition, peace in West Asia will not be achieved. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said that Israelis and Palestinians should remain as two nations that coexist in peace and security. Prime Minister of Ireland Simon Harris expressed hope that other countries will also participate in this important move. According to the Palestinian Authority, which has limited powers only in the West Bank, 142 of the 193 countries that are members of the United Nations have recognized the Palestinian state. However, it cannot be said firmly that the recognition is for the idea of an independent Palestinian state. It is the West Asian, African and Asian countries, including India, that have come forward to support the Palestinian state. The countries of America, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and most of the countries of Western Europe have not agreed to it. Last April, the United States vetoed and defeated Palestine's bid to become a full UN member state at the UN Security Council. In 2011, Palestine continued its campaign for full UN membership, and on October 31 of that year, it was granted full membership in the UN cultural agency, UNESCO.

At that time, the United States and Israel cancelled funding to UNESCO. They withdrew from UNESCO membership in 2018, although the United States returned five years later. In 2014, it was Sweden that became the first European Union member state to recognize Palestine. Sweden was followed by Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. It is curious that Palestine received the sympathy and recognition of the world nations when it was drowning in conflicts. In the days of the first battle of resurgence (Intifada) in 1988, various countries came forward following the call of Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, to support an independent Palestine. The first step was Algeria's. Arab countries, India, Turkey and Central African and Eastern European countries followed suit. In 2010-11, South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile supported Palestinian recognition when Israel ended the ban on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and moved forward. Decades later, it is when Israel's genocide continues unabated that more European countries come forward in support. The country of Israel was born in 1948 by evicting the Palestinians with the support of the self-declared modern nations, that is the big powers. Their genocidal plan was aided and abetted by the United States and its Western allies in terms of men, money and weapons. However, Israel cannot digest it when the world opposes the lawless system that has made Palestine depopulated and arid today, citing international laws.

The judgment of the International Criminal Court and the frequent retaliatory strikes of European nations are no small annoyance and disturbance to Israel, which has decided that no international law applies to them and will continue with its own genocidal plan. Seven and a half decades after the Nakba, the mass exile of 1948, not only are the Palestinians still alien to their own home and land, but Israel has also been subjecting them to genocide for generations, even at places they have moved to. Thee growing pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel wave in the world is proof that despite this uncertainty, the heart of the world continues to beat for the Palestinians. This year's anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian exodus, was marked with unprecedented participation around the world. Massive rallies and sit-in protests took place on American campuses against the Zionist genocide. The International Criminal Court's arrest warrant against Netanyahu has received extraordinary support from various heads of state. International support for a two-state solution is also increasing. It is true that the Palestinians cannot open the locks of the Israeli blockade on their lands and homes. However, the growing global support proves that the conscience of the whole world is receptive to the Palestinians and that their martyrdom crossing streams of blood will not be in vain. It is also a warning to the world that no humane people will be found to support Israel's diabolical genocide.

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