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Developments in Peru and Brazil


In Latin American countries such as Peru and Brazil, people and democratic movements have taken to the streets. Although the situation and context in which they took to the streets are different, the democratic protests currently taking place there have some common dimensions. In July 2021, the leftist government led by Pedro Castillo which won 52% of the vote in the election, was overthrown in the first week of December with the blessing of the country's right wing. This kickstarted the political uncertainty and unrest in Peru. It can also be said that when Pedro who was entitled to continue in power until 2026 was impeached and imprisoned, a new public uprising was ignited in Peru. Now the government and the army led by Dina Baluart are trying to drown that protest in blood. Yesterday, it was reported that 17 protestors were killed in a shooting at a public rally held with various demands, including the release of Pedro. On the eve of this incident, there was an attempt to overthrow the leftist government led by Lula da Silva in Brazil. It's only been a week since Lula and his team were sworn in after defeating Jair Bolsonaro - liberal party leader and former president and far-right. Unwilling to admit defeat in the election, Bolsonaro's men stormed the headquarters of Brazil's parliament, judiciary, and executive last Sunday. Although the frenzied attackers have been contained for the time being, it cannot be said that the threat of subversion has completely disappeared. Therefore, the Brazilian people are on the fight to maintain the democratically chosen government at all costs.

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The international community is watching the developments in Peru and Brazil with great angst. Despite many limitations and barriers, the main alternative voices heard in the current world political order dominated by extreme rightism and neo-Nazism come from Latin American countries. Although the earth is tilted to the left, the political map is completely inclined to the right. It can be said that the world is controlled by extremists who believe in politics based on race and ethnicity. If you look carefully, you can see a Hitler everywhere. It can be said that Europe has almost completely succumbed to this racial politics. Its reverberations have been reflected in America and Asian countries including India. Latin American countries have relatively effectively resisted this dangerous politics. Although not strictly communist-socialist regimes, most of the continent has populist governments that promote left-wing political views. In countries like Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, and Argentina, the advocates of this politics are now in power. In many places, including Brazil, the left had returned after a break. Elections were held in Brazil last October. It was a strong comeback when Lula defeated Bolsonaro, known as the Trump of Brazil; A sweet revenge on the dictator who imprisoned him for 580 days by cooking up corruption allegations. Lula, who announced the policy of the popular government with the premise of reclaiming the Amazon forest - the 'lungs' of the earth, was welcomed by the people of Brazil and the world with high expectations. But recent events make it clear that things will not be as easy as expected.

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Similar events took place in Brazil on the same Sunday when Trump supporters attacked the Capitol Building in Washington on January 6, 2021. The Capitol riot took place on January 20, when Joe Biden was about to take the oath of office. The biggest similarity in both cases is that the attacks were carried out by advocates and followers of pure ethnic politics as well as a mob unwilling to accept defeat. Beyond that, the takeover in Brazil and the coup in Peru are suspected to have had the full support of far-right Trumpists outside the country. To topple leftist regimes in Latin America is the declared agenda of imperialism; There are reports that there has been an attempt to overthrow Lula based in Florida. It's no coincidence that Bolsonaro is currently in Trump's home state of Florida, a Republican stronghold. On the other hand, the governments of Latin American countries also have to recognize their internal enemies. Even in Brazil, the shadow of the old military regime could not be said to have completely disappeared. It is also reflected these days. Therefore, Lula and his team will have to be more vigilant in the future. Otherwise, the events of Peru may repeat here in Brazil.

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