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Damned, if self-restraint is not practiced

Damned, if self-restraint is not practiced

Iran’s unexpected firing of 300 drones and missiles at the Nevatim military base in Israel in the wee hours of Saturday has shell-shocked the world and the major powers, alongside giving rise to concerns of trumpeting for an all-out war in the west Asia. It is generally understood that Israel heeded the advice of the US, Britain, France and Germany not to retaliate. As of writing this piece, Israel has not initiated any retaliation. However, the country’s history to date does not suggest that the Zionist state will heed the appeals for restraint by the UN Secretary-General and other peace lovers. Expressions such as peace, co-existence and human consideration to Israel are empty words. Hence, it is tenable to expect the Jewish state to retaliate any moment after adequate preparation and also with the help of its regular allies. Iran, having learned little from experiences, may be expecting an attack. Israel's foreign minister’s latest response underscores the same. Israel has demanded that Iran should be stopped, sanctions be imposed on its missile programme, and sought to declare Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization for carrying out the attack. The United States, Britain and other defenders of Israel are unlikely to turn their back on these demands. These countries have conveniently forgotten or covered up the fact that Iran’s attack is a natural reaction to Israel’s flouting of international decency and rules by bombing Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1 killing two army generals and other officials.

Following the killing of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Major General and former army Chief Qassem Soleimani by Israeli spy forces in Iraq on January 20, 2020, Iran declared it an unforgivable atrocity and hinted at retaliation. Israel has the backing of the US in all its attack against Iran. Alongside, international sanctions still partially continue against Iran for developing nuclear power. On the other hand, no peace forum including the UN came out to say no to the bombing of Iraq's nuclear power plant or NATO troops directly engaged in destroying the country on whipped up charges. Not everyone can agree with all of Iran's positions and actions. There is no instance in Muslim world in general of supporting the justifications of Iran’s Ayatollahs. But Iran can at least claim that it is the only country to respond when all the neighbouring ones are either hesitant or afraid to so much as raise a finger against the Jewish state’s genocide of the helpless Palestinian people.

As many as 34,000 civilians, including women and children, have already been slaughtered. It should be said the countries and rulers that remain silent or support Israel’s genocide, continuing with the backing of US weapons, to drive out millions of Gazans from the homeland have no moral or ethical certitude to unilaterally condemn Iran’s drone attack. The only way to save the West Asia from an all-out war, as Iran made it clear not having any intension of further attack, is discouraging Israel from taking an ultimate step. Expressing concern over the latest development India sought the parties to the conflict to be restraint, which is an ideal response. India is a close friend of both Israel and Iran. It is about time for India to use its diplomatic efforts to ensure peace in the region, ending the war. As the polls are nearing, both ruling and the Opposition should not imprudently weaponize genocide for hunting votes. It is evident from experience that any war in West Asia will adversely impact India. The most recent Iranian counterattack itself began by seizing a ship with some Indian crew. It is comforting to see that our government’s efforts secure their release coming to fruition.

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