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A war of lies is more destructive than actual war

Reports the other day said a 6-year-old Muslim boy was stabbed 26 times to death in the city of Plainfield 65km south of Chicago, USA. His 32-year-old mother is in hospital with stab wounds. Police have taken into custody Joseph M. Czuba. The man told the police that he had attacked the boy and the woman with whom he had no connection after having lost control consuming the news and reports of horrendous Hamas attack on Israel. The incident came as police were widely campaigning in all cities to ramp up vigilance against Jewish-Muslim groups venting their emotions. Media reported that incidents linked to the so-called anti-Semitism and Islamophobia have increased with the undeclared war in Palestine.

The horror stories about the Hamas’ reckless Sabbath day attack on Israel are being spread around the world, especially in the US and Europe by the minute. Most notably of all, President Joe Biden was himself duped by them. Biden said that he was stunned to see the scenes of Hamas ‘terrorists’ beheading a group of children in Israel. Afterwards he spoke at length about the Hamas’ cruelties. But within hours, the White House had to correct the president, admitting that the President made the remarks based on information confirmed by the Israeli government, and adding that the president had neither seen nor confirmed the photos. Even after White House’s denial, the visuals of 'Hamas' beheading kids are still going viral in India. Since Hamas-Israel war started, on October 9 alone more than 5 crore posts had been spread on social media platform X, authorities confirm. Most of them are reports and visuals that have nothing to do with the truth. Everybody should be aware of the fact that currently there is no war or conflict underway in India, and this is nothing but the beginning of the ballot war going to take place in the country.

It goes without saying that media comments and information on the Jewish and Muslim community and Hamas-Israel war are hateful and absurd. After being driven out of Palestine where they and their forefathers lived, a section of people is living out their wretched lives on a piece of land that was under the control of Egypt at Gaza Strip as part of the Camp David Accords signed by Israel. It has to be understood that Hamas’ retaliation is a consequence of the Zionist nation’s bombing and denial of basic amenities to these people. The propaganda of ‘Hamas’ terrorist attack’ conveniently rejects this truth. Also, it is not to be forgotten that when Hamas won the 2007 polls held in Palestine, Israel had a role in allowing Hamas to rule Gaza alone. Needless to say those behind the cyber war in India are none but the extreme right wing who do not approve of the existence and individuality of Muslim minority in the nation. As the Supreme Court has pointed out in several judgments, the tendency to misuse media of late to generate and incite hatred is on the rise. There must be people dreaming to capitalize on this polarisation for short-term gains. One should not forget that India has faced and is still facing the fallout of similar attempts. Being an international force that has gained trust of both parties, India should step into find a solution to the bloodshed in Palestine-Israel. Alongside, authorities should shut doors on the unhealthy polarization efforts currently at work in the nation.

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