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Saudi Arabia: unveiling a new era of prosperity and cultural renaissance

Saudi Arabia: unveiling a new era of prosperity and cultural renaissance

In the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, until recently synonymous with vast deserts and oil wealth, is undergoing massive changes. With recent discoveries of significant gas and mineral deposits, the country is becoming a beacon of untapped deposits.

The kingdom is entering a new era of economic diversification and transformation into a broader cultural sphere. Looking at Saudi Arabia through the current lens of change, one sees a country full of opportunity.

The discovery of huge gas deposits in the Saudi land along with significant mineral reserves heralds a significant change in its economic narrative. These discoveries are not mere additions to the nation's wealth, but the cornerstones of its ambitious Vision 2030 plan. By harnessing these resources, Saudi Arabia aims on the one hand to reduce its oil dependence, and on the other to attract foreign investment, and develop the mining sector as the third pillar of the national economy. This strategic move signals the country's broader intention to achieve innovation, environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Parallel to economic efforts, Saudi Arabia is also witnessing a cultural renaissance. Combining tradition with modernity, the country is opening its doors wide to the world. From hosting global events such as Formula One and the Riyadh season to developing ancient heritage sites for tourism, Saudi Arabia is also busy with events and activities. On the whole it is forging a new identity that embraces change while remaining proud of its heritage. This cultural shift not only boosts tourism but also reflects a societal shift towards transparency and diversity.

Ripples of Saudi Arabia's transformation are creating waves beyond its borders. Economically, the diversification of its economy and the development of new sectors are creating new markets and opportunities for international cooperation. There is no doubt that by adopting a more culturally open approach, the changes taking place socially in the country will pave the way for deep cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between Saudi and other countries. Through this, the country hopes to achieve stability and cultural richness.

When we look at Saudi Arabia through the lens of change, we see it as a new land, rich with opportunity and ambition. Recent discoveries of natural resources of increased scale can be said to mark the beginning of a journey towards economic diversification and cultural transparency

The kingdom today is also at the forefront of countries promoting archaeological exploration. The country provides huge funding for scientific research and excavation teams.

An extensive collection of petroglyphs and ancient rock art has recently been discovered, providing insights into prehistoric human life. Excavations at Al-Ula and Jabal Ikmah within it, have uncovered well-preserved Nabataean and Lihyanite cities. These were discoveries that shed light on their architecture and daily life at that time.

Investments in areas such as tourism, entertainment and technology have diversified the economy.

From 2019 to 2023, Saudi Arabia ranked second globally in terms of tourism sector growth, with a 58% increase in tourist arrivals.

Apart from oil, Saudi Arabia is rich in diverse minerals including gold, phosphate, bauxite, copper and zinc. The country is one of the world's largest producers of phosphate, a key ingredient in fertilizers. Saudi Arabia is currently running mega-projects such as the Wad Al-Shamal urban project, which focuses on mining activities in the northern region of the country.

In terms of infrastructure development, projects of unprecedented scale are underway in Saudi Arabia. Mega-projects such as Neom, Khiddia and the Red Sea project are expected to reshape the landscape of Saudi Arabia and attract more visitors from foreign countries. It can be said that the social fabric of the country has been enriched by the opening of doors for cinema theatres, music concerts and cultural events.

Saudi Arabia is now inviting the world to a land of opportunity to witness and be a part of its transformation, promising a future where tradition and innovation coexist as the kingdom moves forward.

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