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Rumors about the Floating Port !

Rumors about the Floating Port !

President Biden's proposal for the truce between Israel and Hamas appeared a resounding slap on the face of the decision makers in Tel Aviv. This reminds us of the words of the famous revolutionary, the martyr Che Guevara, who said that “those who are closest are stabbed more severely, because they come from a short distance." The political correspondent on Hebrew TV Channel 12 quoted the senior Israeli official, whose name was not mentioned, as saying that “Biden’s speech is weak and a victory for Hamas, “ adding that “US President Joe Biden does not understand the reality here." Actually, Biden’s speech reflected the state of extreme frustration in the American administration with the Israeli statements about achieving “absolute victory” which experts in the entity and the US agree, is nothing more than a mirage and an illusion."

Distributing the American draft of the resolution, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US permanent representative in the United Nations, called on the Security Council members to join them for the implementation of the agreement put forth by President Joe Biden “without delay and without other conditions. “ According to her, this road-map will completely end the crisis and help begin an internationally supported multi - year reconstruction plan. This will guarantee Israel’s security and immediate relief to civilians in Gaza. It says that the Security Council must insist on Hamas’s acceptance of the agreement. The resolution stressed the importance of Israel and Hamas adhering to the agreement once it is agreed on with the aim of reaching a permanent cessation of hostilities.It affirms the “ firm commitment “ to the two-state solution, emphasizing the importance of unifying the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

To this, Hamas’s response was intelligent and cautious. It merely stated that it viewed this step “positively", but stipulated that it had to see the original draft of the American resident’s proposal before giving it the final approval. The proposal is somewhat in line with the conditions that the movement had put on the negotiating table earlier. According to observers, Hamas’s was a conscious attempt not to fall into 'Biden’s trap'. Often, what is announced through the media is completely contrary to what happens behind closed doors. Some analysts considered Hamas’s response as an attempt to embarrass the American administration and also throw the “hot ball" into the lap of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Osama Hamdan, leader of the Hamas later confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that his movement looked positively at the ideas announced by Biden regarding the ceasefire in Gaza and added that “ideas are not enough and we need a complete agreement because the details on the Israeli side have always been the subject of a permanent crisis". He appreciated the ideas put forth by President Biden, but mentioned that the ideas didn’t mean reaching an understanding. They give only a general framework. Many details were discussed over the past four months by the mediators in Egypt and Qatar in order to achieve a ceasefire, ending the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and withdrawing their forces. The Hamas leader stressed “ the necessity of having clear texts that achieve what we want and what we said, and that Israel accepts them openly and frankly and not in a way of evasion, or a way through which it can evade any commitment.” What is required, according to him, is that the Israeli side should explicitly and clearly declare its commitment to reaching an agreement that achieves a comprehensive ceasefire, a complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the unconditional entry of relief to the shelter of the displaced people, the reconstruction of Gaza, the lifting of the siege on it, and the achievement of a fair prisoner exchange deal. Now, while two senior American officials, including CIA Director William Burns are holding talks in the region, Arab mediators have been informed by Yahya Sinwar that “Hamas will not give up its weapons or sign a proposal requesting this.”

Biden’s speech has exposed the illusory boasting of Israel’s lies. The war is likely to end without Israel achieving any strategic goals, neither victory nor the destruction of Hamas. The post-war Palestinian Authority and the liberation of the Israeli hostages depend on a decision from the Hamas movement and no one else. “The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood“, as Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out, is a battle of existence and destiny. Israel’s Victory in it will leave very dangerous effects on all the peoples of the region. It is in the face of the silence of the rulers and countries that Netanyahu continued his lunatics of the war of extermination. But, thank God the war awakened the world! The students and the youth, all over the world, asked legitimate questions. Washington has been speaking about the two-state state solution. Then, why was the draft resolution for this two-state solution thwarted in the Security Council by the Biden administration? Was it not approved by an overwhelming majority of the 15 member states? In the midst of the war of genocide that Israel was waging against Palestine, Israel was supported by Europe and the United States with weapons, ammunition and billions of dollars. What prompted America and Britain to send aircraft carriers and special forces to help Israel? Observers naturally suspect whether there are broader goals for them than confronting Hamas fighters who aim to liberate their lands occupied by Israel.

It was a big surprise when Politico magazine revealed that the administration of President Joe Biden was officially considering appointing an American official to supervise “peace keeping forces” in the Gaza Strip after the end of the war. The American magazine considered that the move indicated that the United States had “plans to be heavily involved in securing Gaza in the post-war phase.“ The sources said that American civilian advisor would be based in the Middle East region, and work closely with the force commander, who would be either Palestinian, or from one of the Arab countries. Private discussions between the White House and the Pentagon regarding the role of this advisor showed that the Biden administration expects to be at the heart of what will happen in Gaza long after the end of the war. It means that the United States wants to be partly responsible to decide the future of the Strip. The magazine indicated that the proposal to appoint this advisor and peacekeeping force had been circulated in secret American documents that were leaked several months ago and explained that the current stage is witnessing intense planning, as the American administration is working to bring together multiple partners inside and outside the United States ,to agree on ideas for Achieving stability in Gaza in the post-war phase. Otherwise, it could plunge Gaza into further turmoil. The four officials who spoke to the magazine said that the plan to appoint the advisor is one of several scenarios put forward for the “The Day After“ plan, which includes other scenarios that focus on “developing the Gaza economy and rebuilding the destroyed cities of the Strip. According to them, the Biden administration is trying to persuade some Arab countries to join the peacekeeping force.

Many newspapers and analyses reported that the American administration’s focus on establishing a floating port to bring aid into Gaza is only a prelude to the arrival of American forces to the Strip, possibly with the regional and international approval. The Palestinian factions have warned of the dangers of the floating port on the Gaza coast. Foreign agencies revealed,”The US administration’s establishment of a floating port on the coast of the Gaza Strip is a cause for concern, and we warn of the dangers of using it to implement other goals and plans, such as displacement or protecting (Israeli occupation, and not to transport aid. The ‘humanitarian character' that the US has been singing about, is always turning a blind eye towards the inhuman cruelties carried out by Israel!

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