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We're at war with Hamas, not with Palestinians: Israel PM's office

Tal Heinrich

Tel Aviv: Tal Heinrich, Spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister's Office (PMO), claimed that Israel's primary adversary is Hamas, emphasising that the conflict is not directed against the people of Palestine.

During a virtual press conference, Heinrich highlighted the resilience of Israeli families as a source of strength and expressed that those who endure the most distress contribute significantly to their nation's resolve. She urged the international community to understand that the nation's battle is against Hamas and not the Palestinian population, reported ANI.

Heinrich further disclosed that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) had uncovered a Hamas-produced guide for kidnappers, providing graphic instructions on capturing and torturing kidnapped civilians. She voiced concerns about Hamas exploiting innocent Palestinians, using them as human shields with disregard for their safety.

Regarding the situation in northern Gaza, Heinrich reported that while six hospitals had independently evacuated patients and staff, 14 did not. She pointed to the removal or theft of fuel and medical equipment in Gaza, as reported by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, noting a group claiming to represent the Ministry of Health in Gaza as responsible.

Heinrich encouraged the international community to promote Palestinians' temporary relocation to safer areas, emphasising that this action would save lives. She also claimed that Israel, in its efforts to protect its citizens, had evacuated more than 80,000 civilians from 28 communities in northern Israel.

In terms of military actions, Heinrich mentioned the IDF's numerous airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas headquarters, mortar launch sites, and terrorists within a military compound. Notably, the command center of Ali Qadhi, a Hamas commando forces commander, was also struck.

Heinrich expressed Israel's gratitude for the steadfast support of its allies and highlighted Prime Minister Netanyahu's invitation for US President Joe Biden to visit Israel soon, fostering unity in addressing the ongoing conflict.

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