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UK Home Secretary Suella in limbo over her hate against 'pro-Palestine' rallies

UK Home Secretary Suella in limbo over her hate against pro-Palestine rallies

London: British Home Secretary Suella Braverman's reported intention to become the Tories's leader is in jeopardy as her Conservative Party has turned against her due to recent comments on pro-Palestine rallies. She accused the country’s police of favouring the 'pro-Palestinian mobs’ while terming them "hate marches".

In an opinion piece published in The Times, Braverman accused the police of playing favourites and taking a soft stance towards what she termed "pro-Palestinian mobs." These comments, however, were not approved by Number 10, the prime minister's office, as stated by a spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The fallout from Braverman's remarks has put immense pressure on Sunak to dismiss her, but his spokesperson, Max Blain, maintains that the prime minister still has full confidence in her. The ongoing crisis has sparked discussions of a potential cabinet reshuffle, with speculations suggesting it could happen as soon as next week.

Braverman considered a potential future leader of the Conservative Party, has a history of taking far-right positions on issues such as multiculturalism and immigration. The Labour Party has seized on this controversy to portray the government as weak and divided. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper labelled Braverman as "out of control," while Labour leader Keir Starmer accused Sunak of being too weak to challenge her.

Starmer emphasized the importance of a home secretary reducing tension and supporting the police in their challenging decisions. In an open letter to Sunak, Labour's national campaign coordinator, Pat McFadden, pointed out that no previous Home Secretary had ever launched such a direct attack on the police.

Braverman's stance on pro-Palestinian activities has previously drawn criticism, including her suggestion that waving a Palestinian flag could be a criminal offence. Conservative members have expressed concern that her divisive comments undermine the police.

Critics argue that Braverman may be positioning herself for a potential party leadership contest, especially considering the challenging electoral landscape. Recent opinion polls consistently place the Conservatives 15 to 20 points behind Labour.

As London witnesses massive weekend demonstrations denouncing Israel's actions in Gaza, a looming pro-Palestine rally on Armistice weekend adds another layer of complexity. Despite Police Commissioner Mark Rowley stating insufficient grounds to ban the march, Braverman's comments have further fueled divisions.

This controversy follows a pattern of controversial statements by Braverman, including referring to homelessness as a "lifestyle choice" and making contentious remarks about Pakistani men. Additionally, her involvement in a plan to relocate undocumented refugees and migrants to Rwanda faced legal challenges and criticism.

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