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Qur'an burning by Israeli soldier not isolated, sparks widespread outrage

Quran burning by Israeli soldier not isolated, sparks widespread outrage

A video showing an Israeli soldier burning a Qur'an in Gaza has ignited widespread criticism and condemnation. The footage, shared by Israeli Army Radio, captures the soldier in the ruins of a mosque in East Rafah, Gaza, tossing an open Qur'an into a fire. This incident has provoked a strong backlash on social media and led to an official investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The video initially appeared on the soldier's personal Instagram account a few days before it gained wider attention. Israeli broadcaster Kan highlighted the footage, prompting immediate reactions from both the public and officials. In response, the IDF issued a statement disavowing the soldier's actions, emphasizing that such behaviour contradicts their values and expressing respect for all religions. The IDF has launched an investigation to address the incident and uphold its standards.

Palestinian activists and writers have voiced their outrage, condemning the act and highlighting a broader pattern of similar incidents. They argue that this is not an isolated event but part of a recurring issue involving the desecration of religious sites and disrespect towards Islamic symbols by Israeli forces. They point to numerous instances of mosques being destroyed and Qur'ans being burned in Gaza and the West Bank, often with little to no consequences for the perpetrators.

The criticism extends beyond regional activists, with social media users globally decrying the act and calling for accountability. Many have expressed frustration over what they perceive as a lack of sufficient condemnation from the international community and Israel's allies. This incident is seen as reflective of broader issues related to the conduct of Israeli soldiers in conflict zones, including reports of looting, destruction of property, and mistreatment of detainees.

Despite the IDF's statements condemning the actions of individual soldiers, there is a growing concern about the overall accountability within the military. Previous similar incidents, such as a video from March showing an Israeli soldier tearing apart a Qur'an in a mosque, have raised doubts about the effectiveness of disciplinary measures.

Experts suggest that such acts of desecration are part of a strategy of humiliation employed by some Israeli soldiers in Gaza. The ongoing conflict has exacerbated tensions, with religious and cultural disrespect adding to the grievances of the Palestinian population.

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