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Netanyahu rejects Biden’s assertion that 'war in Gaza hurts Israel more than it helps'

Netanyahu rejects Biden’s assertion that war in Gaza hurts Israel more than it helps

Sending firearms to fortify Israel in the war against Gaza and approving Israeli funds for the conflict on the one hand, while simultaneously sending aid kits to the people of Palestine, whom the Israeli war has torn apart, and honking horns with the Israeli Prime Minister, criticizing his war strategy, President Joe Biden has been criticized for being two-faced in dealing with the Middle East situation.

In a recent interview with Politico, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Biden’s assertions that the ongoing war in Gaza is "hurting Israel more than helping,” saying that he is wrong.

Over the weekend, Biden expressed his concerns in an interview with MSNBC, urging Netanyahu to pay more attention to the innocent lives lost as a consequence of the actions taken in Gaza. The US President went on to label Netanyahu's stance as detrimental to Israel's interests.

Netanyahu, in response, refuted Biden's claims in an interview with Politico on Sunday night. He dismissed the idea that his policies go against the majority of Israelis, emphasizing that he is not hurting the interests of Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister's rebuttal underscores the growing frustration and tension between the two leaders.

The disagreement has emerged at a critical juncture in the five-month-old war with Hamas, where Netanyahu's failure to secure the release of hostages held by militants triggered protests in Israel and calls for early elections. The conflict began with an unprecedented attack by Hamas, resulting in significant casualties on both sides.

Biden, while expressing continued support for Israel's defence, drew a "red line" concerning a potential invasion of Rafah, the last place of relative safety in Gaza. Despite the escalating tensions, Biden affirmed his commitment to not leaving Israel without vital defence mechanisms like the Iron Dome.

The international community, including Israel's closest allies, has been increasingly frustrated with the insufficient aid reaching Gaza's civilians. Reports indicate that a quarter of Gaza's population is on the brink of starvation, with obstacles hampering humanitarian aid efforts.

Efforts to establish an EU-backed sea corridor from Cyprus and aid airdrops by the US, Jordan, and others are underway, reflecting the global frustration with the current state of affairs. Israeli authorities deny allegations of blocking aid, accusing Hamas of diverting humanitarian assistance for its leaders.

Pressure is mounting on Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire before the beginning of Ramadan, but no agreement has been made. Meanwhile, an aid ship carrying 200 tonnes of food, initially delayed due to technical difficulties, is expected to set sail for Gaza soon.

In a separate development, a US military vessel is en route to the Mediterranean to construct a second temporary pier in Gaza, which could take weeks to become functional. Netanyahu, in an interview with Politico, predicted that the fighting might continue for another four to eight weeks, emphasizing the challenges in Gaza's future governance.

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