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Biden lambasts at ICC warrant against Netanyahu, says ‘outrageous’

Biden lambasts at ICC warrant against Netanyahu, says ‘outrageous’

Despite killing more than 35,000 Gazans, including children and women, since the war began, and defying the UN and global leaders, including the US proposals for a ceasefire on many occasions, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet have been shielded by the US, with President Joe Biden lambasting the International Criminal Court's (ICC) proposal for an arrest warrant against Netanyahu for war crimes.

Amid widespread protests against Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment, deemed to be genocide, across the globe, particularly on US campuses, Biden's unwavering defence of Netanyahu drew criticism from human rights activists.

The ICC's prosecutor, Karim Khan, announced the pursuit of arrest warrants against Netanyahu and other senior officials, along with leaders of Hamas for actions carried out in Gaza.

In a statement, President Biden condemned the ICC's application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders as "outrageous" and emphasized the administration's unwavering support for Israel's security. He rejected any equivalence between Israel and Hamas, denouncing the ICC's move as a false moral equivalence.

The President reiterated his stance during a speech at the White House's Jewish American Heritage Month celebration, affirming his commitment to ensuring Israel's defence against Hamas and all its adversaries. He expressed empathy for the civilian toll in Gaza while emphasizing that his administration is working towards a two-state solution.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed Biden's sentiments, stating that the US "fundamentally rejects" the ICC's decision and warned of potential repercussions on ceasefire efforts. He criticized the ICC for overstepping its authority, emphasizing that the court lacks jurisdiction over the matter.

Germany also stood in support of Israel, denouncing the ICC's decision as a "false equivalence" and highlighting the impression of parity created by simultaneous arrest warrants against Hamas leaders and Israeli officials.

Conversely, South Africa welcomed the ICC's move, asserting the importance of applying the law equally to uphold international rule and ensure accountability for crimes. Meanwhile, Hamas condemned the ICC's actions, accusing the court of equating the victim with the executioner.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), though often at odds with Hamas, criticized the ICC's decision, affirming the Palestinian people's right to self-defence. The PLO denounced the ICC's move amidst ongoing tensions over allegations of genocide brought against Israel.

The Biden administration's vocal support for Israel comes amid strained relations between the two allies, exacerbated by Israeli plans for an offensive against the Gaza city of Rafah. President Biden previously stated his intention to withhold US weapons from Israel in response to a major invasion of the city.

The conflict in Gaza has resulted in significant casualties, with thousands of Palestinians, including many women and children, reported killed since Israel's military offensive in response to last October's Hamas attack. The toll on civilians underscores the urgency of finding a resolution to the ongoing violence and instability in the region.

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