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US vlogger praises India's healthcare system, says she's "blown away"

US vlogger praises Indias healthcare system, says shes blown away

A travel vlogger from the United States recently expressed her astonishment at the affordability and quality of Indian healthcare.

In an Instagram video, Mackenzie, part of the vlogging duo UNSTUK with Mac & Keen, shared her experience after her partner fell seriously ill during their travels in India. Having previously dealt with healthcare systems in the US and UK, Mackenzie expected Indian healthcare to be expensive and slow. However, with the help of a local acquaintance, she was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and low cost of the care they received.

In the now-viral video, Mackenzie said, "I am going to be spoiled for life in terms of Indian healthcare. My boyfriend was super, super sick, and I was obviously nervous." She added, "I'm American and I have lived in England, so I have seen two different healthcare systems work."

Mackenzie was initially anxious about the situation until a friend suggested getting Keenan some medicines and tests. She was amazed to learn that patients in India could schedule medical tests at any time, receive blood test results the next day, and get immediate recommendations from doctors based on the findings. In contrast, similar lab test appointments in the United States often take several days to weeks.

The vlogger also included footage of a nurse drawing blood from her boyfriend at a diagnostic lab. Although worried about the cost, she was astonished to find that the entire process only cost $14 (approximately ₹1,100). "I'm blown away, this is incredible," she remarked.

In the video's caption, she wrote, "I guess this is how India keeps 1.4 billion people alive!"

The clip has garnered over five million views and 2.3 lakh likes since being shared.

Viewers responded with mixed reactions. One user from the UK commented, "And I'm in the UK, my biggest cultural shock as an Indian is to see the wait times in hospitals here for surgery or emergency needs."

Another user added, "I mean people from all over the world do come here for cheap & efficient medical treatment. There's medical tourism too."

Another user shared their experience with the US healthcare system, stating, "There is a reason all my friends from India go back to India to get their root canals, new glasses, contacts, and annual check-ups. I'm considering going to the dentist with my boyfriend when we go in November. Healthcare here in the US is so expensive. I pay $470 a month for insurance and yet I can't find a doctor that is in-network and taking new patients. I haven't been to the eye doctor in 2 years, Gyno in 3 years, dentist in 4 years, and PCP in 8 years."

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