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Kerala trio’s death in Arunachal: Probe hints at extra-terrestrial link

Kerala trio’s death in Arunachal: Probe hints at extra-terrestrial link

The mysterious deaths of three individuals from Kerala in Arunachal Pradesh have left both the police and the public intrigued, as evidence surfaces suggesting a possible extra-terrestrial connection.

The deceased, identified as Naveen, Devi, and Arya, were discovered with multiple injuries in a hotel room in Ziro on April 2nd, sparking a flurry of speculation and investigation.

Initial reports indicated a potential link to black magic, but as authorities delve deeper into the case, a different narrative emerges. Police investigations have unveiled a trail of documents and online interactions that hint at the trio's fascination with the afterlife and extra-terrestrial phenomena.

A key piece of evidence discovered on Arya’s laptop is a lengthy PDF document detailing purported conversations with an entity named 'Mythi', purportedly an alien from the Andromeda galaxy.

This document, spanning 466 pages, outlines various claims about alien contact with Earth, including assertions that dinosaurs were not extinct but instead transferred to other planets through alien intervention.

Moreover, the document alleges the regular visitation of Earth by 58 different alien ethnic groups, each with their own distinct purposes ranging from fauna and flora research to mineral exploration. It even suggests a staggering plan for the transfer of 90% of Earth's human and animal population to two other planets, attributing much of humanity's technological progress to alien influence.

Further investigation reveals that the trio had been avid consumers of similar content on the dark web, accessing websites and forums discussing alien encounters and related topics. Arya, in particular, received numerous emails from an individual using the pseudonym 'Donbosco', whose identity remains a subject of interest for authorities.

While the case has sparked widespread debate about the extent of alien obsession among young individuals, law enforcement agencies are working diligently to untangle the complexities surrounding the deaths. A six-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed to delve into the matter, with both Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh police departments actively involved in the probe.

The victims, hailing from Thiruvananthapuram and Kottayam, had embarked on their journey to Arunachal Pradesh under the guise of a vacation, leaving their families unaware of their true intentions. Tragically, their excursion ended in untimely demise, with their mortal remains transported back to Kerala for funeral rites.

As authorities continue to sift through evidence and conduct interviews, questions linger about the circumstances leading to the trio's demise. The District Commissioner of Police is slated to address the media soon, shedding light on the findings of the investigation thus far.

The enigmatic nature of the case, coupled with the tantalizing hints of extraterrestrial involvement, has captured the imagination of the public, prompting speculation and intrigue. With each revelation, the mystery deepens, leaving many pondering the boundaries between belief, obsession, and the unknown.

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