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Crime File -2: Deadly night - one

A group of Indians on their way from prison to Yangon (Faces have been obscured for security reasons)

Kneeling down and electrocution

A person who asserted that he or she was not capable of performing the task would be severely punished and beaten. The campers' phones smash as soon as they arrive. It is only possible to commit cybercrime by using the phone provided by them. As a result, there is no way to communicate with the outside world. They were forced to work as slaves. Every day, each must find five victims. Otherwise, the criminal gang will not allow them to sleep. No one may leave the computer desk until five people have been located. Individuals who refused to work were kept in cells without food and were starved to death. As a form of torture, many individuals have been brought to their knees. Similarly, to the army camp, there are tracks here as well. A punishment will be ordered to run through those tracks for a number of hours. People are forced to run 20 kilometres. Attackers also use stun guns to electrocute victims.

Using a stolen mobile phone, Sinaj notified his brother on WhatsApp. The agent and his friend who was the intermediary were informed by Sinaj. The agent and friend assured us they would manage to escape in any case. The brother was instructed not to reveal the matter to his parents so they would not be concerned. Assuring Sinaj that he would be notified after renewing his visa, the agent did not answer the phone later.

The girls at the camp were chosen as models. Most of them are under the age of 20. They were assigned to sexual work. A person who disagrees is raped or drugged and then beaten with iron rods. After the drug wears off, the girls start feeling pain, fearing the bone-piercing pain, and resort to sex work.

Workplace strike

Deadly Night - One

A group of assailants claimed to have purchased all of them, including Sinaj, for Rs 4 lakh each. Therefore, it is necessary to refund this amount or to perform work equivalent to that amount. The assailants stated that they would make arrangements to return home after that. Those who returned the money were assured that they would be taken to the border. It is impossible to escape without a passport and documents. You will be sent to prison if the army catches you. Civil unrest and wars were also rampant. The language barrier is also a major issue. In the meantime, Keralites and other Indians have arrived.

Even after Sinaj arrived here, approximately 850 people arrived, including 13 Malayalis and 35 Tamils. There is a prohibition on speaking to each other. However, they communicated in a variety of ways. It is a fact that many people commit crimes in many countries and then come here to avoid being caught. The same people cheat here as well.

Although they pleaded with the criminal gang to 'send them home', their expressions did not change. A threat to inform the Indian Embassy is met with derisive laughter. According to them, even if the President of India were to visit, nothing could be done.

It was a night of despair, helplessness, and fear that brought Sinaj to the brink of death. Sinaj was sleeping with the window open. At night, there is black smoke. During sleep, Sinaj, who suffers from allergies, inhaled this smoke and became unconscious. The health workers at the camp clinic, however, were helpless. Sinaj revived by attaching an oxygen cylinder and bringing in a doctor from outside.

Keralites' fighting spirit, murder

Malayalis are known for their fighting spirit. Sinaj, who once aspired to become a soldier, has participated in a number of training courses. His mind is filled with such courage. He decided that he could not remain in this hell, and he inspired his fellow workers to do the same. All of them walked out on strike one day. The Malayalees and Tamilians stood united. The entire group stepped outside the building together. Several of them demanded that this work not be accomplished and that it be sent back to their country.

In spite of this, severe revenge was waiting for them. This secret group captured two members of the group. Two gunshots were heard after a period of time. Later, it was discovered that those who were taken away had been killed by the secret gang. In the meantime, two individuals entered the room. After hearing the gunshots, one of them ran back. He had his ear pierced and torn. As a result of being electrocuted, the Varkala native was unable to stand.

People including women are brought to the camp

Technology, the saviour

In the meantime, Sinaj took videos with the stolen mobile phone and sent them via the Signal application to his brother. As soon as the videos are delivered, they will be deleted from the sender's mobile phone. However, the recipient can keep it safe. The rescue mission was initiated as a result of Sinaj's videos and photographs.

Fake social media accounts were created and information was provided to the Indian Embassy. Sinaj reported that he had sent the location to officials at the embassy, but received a reply stating that no such building or place could be located on Google. An estimated two months may be required to rescue the individuals, according to the embassy.

However, it is not certain whether anyone will still be alive by then. Thus, Sinaj and his team began sending information via Twitter to prominent figures. Among them are prominent figures from the Malayalam film industry. However, when he did not receive any responses, he began contacting journalists. Through video clips sent to journalists, the outside world learned that a group of Indians had been trafficked to Myanmar. After receiving information that the children of a top police officer and a sub-inspector had been trafficked, the Tamil Nadu government has taken immediate action. Chief Minister Stalin strongly intervened, urging the embassy and the central government to act. A rescue mission conducted by the embassies and the Myanmar and Thai police returned 13 Tamil Nadu natives to India.

Nevertheless, the slow response left the Kerala victims' families in a state of grief. Parliamentarians and party leaders were visited by them. There was also strong intervention by MPs A.M. Arif, KC Venugopal, and Deputy Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralidharan.

Following his brother's advice, Sinaj behaved like a frightened man when he brought home the reprisals from the strike day. Nevertheless, he did not forget to record the video. As a result of the release of these videos, the central government has clarified that the rescue mission has already been conducted and will continue. As well, the central government explained that the rescue operation has been delayed because Myanmar is outside the jurisdiction of the state.

Betrayer, Organ trade

When the human trafficking news became public, a Tamilian leaked the information to the criminal gang that Sinaj had informed the embassy. This Indian has a long criminal record in Tamil Nadu, and he fled to Myanmar to remain safe. Upon learning of the news, the secret group began moving the workers to Laos and Cambodia. As if they were cattle, they were loaded into vehicles and driven away. Later, it was discovered that some people's organs had been sold.

According to Sinaj, the names of the three individuals have been removed from the embassy's list requesting their return. be continued...

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