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Crime File-3: Deadly Night - Two

Crime File-3: Deadly Night - Two

A group including Malayalees who escaped to India at the airport 

This is the third and final part of the article that narrates the ordeal of people from South Asian countries, including Malayalis, who have been victims of human trafficking. They were deceived into entering a border region of Myanmar, where they were forced to engage in cybercrimes and other illicit activities, including prostitution and organ trade.

Deadly Night - Two

The secret gang members informed them one night that they would be taken away. It is possible that they may be killed, forced across the border, or turned over to the authorities in some cases. The criminal group provided three options in this regard. The three were then tied behind their backs and made to sit in a forest for a long period of time. A gun was kept on the Malayali's back, ready to be fired at any moment.

Three of them appeared to have mental breakdowns. Later, they were informed they would be taken away the next day. They all entered the room. Sinaj called his brother and requested that he give the phone to his mother. He broke down in tears. He stated that he would die and that his body would not arrive at home. It was then that his mother learned of the incident. As well, she broke down and cried. Later, he contacted some friends and told them about the trap set by the human trafficking gang.

The following morning, the three were chained and loaded into a truck. There were bodyguards with guns present. They were holding wireless sets. Once the vehicle reached down town, the group asked the trio to move to the door. As soon as they realized it was a shooting move, they felt dizzy. However, the criminal gang kicked them down, causing them to fall in front of the Myanmar Police Station. The vehicle then accelerated away. They were arrested by the police. 'Entry without documents' led to their arrest. All three told police about their ordeal. Police contacted the embassy and inquired about the matter. From the embassy, Tamil officials arrived.

Gun-wielding criminal gang member

Sinaj had no evidence that trouble had occurred. Later, Sinaj's brother sent the photos and videos to the official of the embassy. The police officers discovered the truth when they saw this. However, the police informed him that preparing the passport and documents may take 15 days, and they would have to remain in jail for that time period.

The deadly night - three

The prisons in their country are not the same as those in our country. Iron cages with floors are present. The toilet is located inside. There is no privacy in this environment. Additionally, stench must be tolerated. Only mud covers the ground. Cockroaches and scorpions live in prison, according to Sinaj.

A cell for three people was occupied by five or six people. Space was limited to the extent that one could sit and sleep with their legs extended. As a result, many people lose their mental health. Some cells have held as many as 13 individuals. It was finally decided by the court that they would be released within three weeks.

Everything changed again on the night of the 21st day after entering the jail. There is only one thought in mind: fear of death. There is a half-kilometre distance between the police station and the custody cell. The tribal members who belong to a rebel group in the area used drones to bomb the police station. A number of shots were fired. Aung San Suu Kyi was ousted from power by the military in 2021. As a result of the civil war that followed, thousands of people died. A similar civil war occurred here as well. 250 people attacked the station, alleging that a tribal member had been killed while in police custody. Police officers at the jail immediately turned off the lights and armed themselves. The full details of the incident were received the following morning. During the war, the road was completely destroyed. It would not be possible for them to return home unless these roads were upgraded and traffic was restored.

After 45 days in prison, traffic was restored. The distance between this station and Yangon, Myanmar, is 850 kilometres. In eight hours, they travelled by bulletproof government bus to Yangon, passing through several checkpoints along the way. Their journey began in the morning and they crossed seven states in order to reach their destination. A police vehicle and the vehicle of the embassy served as an escort. On that day, 30 people were rescued. The only Malayalis in the group were Sinaj and two others.

Once again, the problem occurred. A flight ticket was issued for Kolkata. Nevertheless, the victims were required to pay for the tickets themselves. In the end, everyone contacted their families and purchased tickets through them. The ticket from Kolkata to Kerala was paid for by Norka Roots (Department of Non-Resident Keralite's Affairs). A single flight brought all of them to India. He later learned that the Tamil Nadu government had assumed responsibility for the entire cost of the Tamil Nadu victims.

Combating human trafficking

Sinaj's fight is not yet over. The Alappuzha North police have arrested the friend, the friend's sister, as well as the middleman. Each of them was released on bail. Since childhood, they have been like siblings. The same friend, however, cheated him out of only Rs 30,000 in commissions. According to the police, this friend knew that a youth from Thumpoli had fallen into such a trap in the past. It has also been reported that this friend is associated with human traffickers.

In Myanmar, Sinaj has provided some of his associates with the phone number and e-mail address of his country. Many of those who returned home contacted Sinaj. A WhatsApp group of approximately 100 people who have escaped in this manner has been formed. As well, he believes that sharing his life experiences with the outside world will help ordinary people gain a better understanding of human trafficking gangs. Thanks to Sinaj's actions, the Indian Embassy rescued more than 2,000 people from Myanmar's fraud factories. Sinaj is now working as a medical representative and the Varkala native runs his own bakery. He believes that his mother's tears and prayers saved his life in his case.

Criminal gang member with gun

Operation Subhyatra

Kerala has a population of three and a half crore. There are 22 lakh migrant workers in Kerala, according to the Kerala Migration Survey. According to the State Level Bankers Committee, domestic deposits accounted for Rs 4,27,811 crore (64.21 per cent) and non-resident deposits (35.79 per cent) in March 2022. It was Rs 3,76,278 crore and Rs 2,29,636 crore respectively in March 2021.

During the Covid era, many expatriate Malayalis returned to Kerala. In order to assist their families, the government has implemented a number of programs. Post-Covid, however, young people have migrated to a wide range of countries for study and employment. The flow of migrants is now primarily directed toward Europe and the United States, rather than the Gulf countries. The number of recruitment agencies and travel agencies is on the rise. Human trafficking victims and governments stress the importance of people only travelling abroad after conducting proper checks and obtaining approval from the appropriate authority.

In July 2022, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan informed the Assembly that the Kerala Government and the Central Government had implemented a strict monitoring system. The purpose of this is to prevent human trafficking through illegal recruitment and visa fraud.

NORKA (Non-Resident Keralite Affairs) is working in collaboration with Indian embassies and diaspora organizations to repatriate those who have been stranded abroad due to illegal recruitment or human trafficking. Additionally, the state government is using the cyber cell of the police to prevent fake recruitment through social media. Additionally, the state government has implemented a scheme called 'Operation Shubhayatra' to combat illegal recruitment and visa fraud. The helpline number 0471-2721547 may be used to lodge complaints about fake recruitment, visa frauds, and other crimes, as well as through email at and Each police district has established an anti-trafficking unit and a state cell led by the Crime Branch Inspector General.

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