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Revanna's sex tape: Victims still haunted by horrific ordeal

Revannas sex tape: Victims still haunted by horrific ordeal

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through the city of Hassan in Karnataka, allegations of sexual abuse involving a Member of Parliament, Prajwal Revanna, have surfaced, triggering widespread condemnation and demands for justice.

The scandal came to light late in April when Rupa Hassan, a writer and women's rights activist, received distressing reports of videos and photos circulating within the community, allegedly depicting sexual abuse by Revanna, according to

Initially sceptical, Hassan sought confirmation from trusted journalists and activists, only to have her worst fears confirmed. The sheer scale of the allegations staggered her, with over 2,900 videos reportedly in circulation, featuring familiar faces, including women known to her and her colleagues.

As the news spread, panic and desperation gripped the affected women, some of whom reached out in tears, contemplating drastic measures to escape the humiliation and despair. Many feared the repercussions on their families and livelihoods, compounding their anguish.

Amidst the ensuing political turmoil, with Revanna's party, the Janata Dal (Secular), facing scrutiny and accusations of complicity, Rupa Hassan resolved to prioritize support for the victims. Recognizing the urgent need for counselling and emotional reassurance, she rallied fellow activists to provide solace and strength to those grappling with trauma and uncertainty.

Formal complaints against Revanna and his father, HD Revanna, a prominent MLA, began to mount, detailing allegations of sexual harassment and assault. The gravity of the accusations escalated when a woman, reportedly a former domestic worker, filed a police complaint alleging sexual harassment by the Revanna family.

Subsequent claims of kidnapping and rape further intensified the scandal, implicating Prajwal Revanna in egregious acts of abuse and exploitation.

The methodical release of incriminating videos, strategically disseminated via pen drives and social media platforms, painted a damning portrait of manipulation and coercion. Dharmesh, a local Communist Party official, recounted the systematic distribution of videos, gradually unmasking Revanna's involvement and implicating him in a web of deceit and exploitation.

The accounts from victims and witnesses portrayed a chilling pattern of exploitation, where vulnerable individuals seeking assistance or opportunities fell prey to Revanna's predatory advances. The insidious cycle of abuse, compounded by blackmail and intimidation, underscored the power dynamics at play and the vulnerability of those ensnared in Revanna's web of deceit.

As allegations mounted and public outrage swelled, questions arose about the failure of law enforcement to intervene despite prior knowledge of the videos. Revelations of a court injunction obtained by Revanna to suppress media coverage raised further concerns about attempts to suppress evidence and shield perpetrators from accountability.

Amidst the clamour for justice, calls for police action and accountability resonated, demanding swift and decisive measures to safeguard the rights and dignity of the victims. Activists underscored the imperative of creating a supportive environment for survivors to come forward, free from fear or reprisal.

The formation of a Special Investigative Team by the state government offered a glimmer of hope for the victims and their advocates, signaling a commitment to unraveling the truth and delivering justice. Yet, concerns lingered about the efficacy and integrity of the investigation, amid allegations of political interference and institutional apathy.

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