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Opposition and media's conspicuous silence on Hindu mob attacks on Muslims

Opposition and medias conspicuous silence on Hindu mob attacks on Muslims

Over the past 15 days, there have been more than a dozen reports of Hindu mob attacks on Muslims across various states, including Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

These attacks, often justified by claims of beef consumption or cow slaughter, have resulted in deaths, assaults, and destruction of property. Disturbingly, the state often aligns with the mobs, demolishing the houses of Muslim victims.

The recent Lok Sabha election results appear to have intensified these incidents, with some Hindus also objecting to Muslim sacrificial practices during Bakrid. This contradiction—professed adherence to non-violence while violently opposing animal sacrifice—highlights the complex and often hypocritical nature of the justifications for such brutality.

Opposition parties in India, traditionally seen as pro-Muslim, have remained conspicuously silent in the face of this violence. Despite securing more seats in parliament due to Muslim votes, these parties have not publicly condemned the attacks, presumably to avoid alienating their broader support base. This strategic silence, while potentially politically expedient, raises ethical concerns and undermines the opposition’s credibility.

The media’s muted response to these incidents further compounds the issue. The lack of significant coverage or editorial condemnation indicates a worrying normalization of violence against Muslims. This societal desensitization suggests that such acts of hatred and brutality are becoming accepted, rather than challenged.

The rise in Hindutva ideology, fundamentally rooted in anti-Muslim and anti-Christian sentiment, is closely linked to the current violence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are seen as having incited anti-Muslim sentiments during the election campaign, contributing to the current climate of hostility. Modi’s leadership is therefore inextricably tied to these violent acts, raising questions about accountability and responsibility.

Muslims in India are effectively being punished for their political choices, having weakened the BJP and strengthened the opposition. The opposition’s failure to address this violence, despite benefiting from Muslim support, reveals a troubling indifference and highlights the need for genuine secular courage.

This is based on an opinion article written by Apoorvanand, who teaches Hindi at Delhi University, in The Wire

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