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Karti Chidambaram's 'not even Rahul is a match for Modi' remark draws Cong ire

Karti Chidambarams not even Rahul is a match for Modi remark draws Cong ire

Congress AICC member and MP Karti Chidambaram’s remarks akin to denigrating Rahul Gandhi vis a vis Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the run for Prime Ministership created a controversy, leading the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee to issue a show cause notice to Karti.

The son of veteran Congress Leader P Chidambaram’s interview with Tamil news channel Thanthi TV became the catalyst for the internal discord. During the 39-minute conversation, Karti subtly critiqued the Congress leadership while inadvertently praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi's propaganda skills.

His statement that "nobody is a match for Modi" in today's reality of propaganda has not only drawn the ire of the party's disciplinary committee but has also triggered a larger debate within the Congress ranks.

The TNCC's decision to issue a show-cause notice to Karti has sparked arguments within the party, with some asserting that such notices cannot be issued to All India Congress Committee (AICC) members. This internal rift highlights the sensitivity around criticism of the party leadership and the challenges the Congress faces in maintaining unity.

While top TNCC leaders, including Chief K S Alagiri, refrained from commenting on the issue, a senior TNCC leader emphasized that the notice aims to uphold party discipline and send a clear message that deviations from the party's ideology and leadership will not be tolerated.

Karti's remarks on the upcoming elections and the Congress's approach to countering the BJP's narrative have added fuel to the internal fire. He stressed the importance of early messaging about the Congress's prime ministerial candidate and criticized the party's tendency to announce promises and plans at the last minute.

When asked about potential candidates, Karti mentioned AICC chief Mallikarjun Kharge as a seasoned politician but acknowledged the challenges in finding a match for Modi's popularity. He expressed doubts about Rahul Gandhi's ability to match Modi's propaganda machinery while still believing in the possibility of defeating the BJP through political battles and issue-based campaigning.

The interview also delved into Karti's suspension during the recent Winter Session, where he highlighted the BJP's desire for a Parliament without opposition. Karti criticized the Congress's ground game, admitting shortcomings in the party's strategy and leadership.

On the issue of language, Karti objected to Nitish Kumar's call for everyone to learn Hindi, asserting that language should be learned voluntarily and not imposed. He also commented on the recent elections, expressing disappointment over the Congress's performance in maintaining its natural advantage in Karnataka.

Amidst dissatisfaction within the INDIA bloc on seat sharing, Karti acknowledged that alliances often have disagreements but expressed confidence in the party's leadership to address and resolve these issues.

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