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Zoho CEO criticizes FIITJEE ad, calls for change in education system

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Sridhar Vembu, the Chief Executive Officer of Zoho, has spoken out against a recent advertisement by FIITJEE, criticizing its unethical tactics and highlighting the need for change in the Indian education system.

The print ad, which came under heavy scrutiny, used fear-mongering tactics and inflammatory language to promote its services.

Reacting to the ad, Vembu emphasized the detrimental effects of intense competitive exam pressure on students and young adults. He expressed his belief that India should move away from such a culture and drew inspiration from Finland's state-funded educational system, which prioritizes serving every child without subjecting them to competitive pressures.

In a tweet, Vembu stated, "India has to get out of this ultra-competitive exam pressure on children and young adults. This is one area where I would not learn from East Asia but instead learn from Finland which has a superb state-funded educational system that serves every child without such competitive insanity."

He further criticized the competitive exam culture, asserting that it stifles talent and results in the creation of "zombified adults."

According to him, intense competition is suitable for companies operating in the market and for sports, but not for children in education.

Highlighting Zoho's approach as an employer, Vembu mentioned that the company has pledged to not consider academic credentials during recruitment. Additionally, Zoho is investing in educational alternatives inspired by Finland's system.

Since sharing his thoughts, Vembu's post has garnered significant attention, with thousands of views and likes. Many individuals also joined the conversation in the comments section, echoing his sentiments and advocating for reforms in the Indian education system.

Some users pointed out the success of Finland's mother tongue-based education and emphasized the need for fostering creativity and resilience rather than promoting a "do or die exams" culture.

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