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Here is what Modi juggernaut cannot understand

Here is what Modi juggernaut cannot understand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's hate speech in Rajasthan's Rajasthan's Jalore and Banswara has not surprisingly ignited a salvo of protests across the country in the second phase of campaign for Lok Sabha polls. Those despicable words, should not have spoken even by a commoner, have come out of the mouth of a person who is presented as most highly praised within the country and the world. He intimidated the Hindu masses that if the Congress returns to power the assets of the country “Will be distributed among those who have more children. It will distributed to the infiltrators. Should your hard-earned money go to the infiltrators? Do you approve of this?" Narendra Modi has played the devious trick twisting the words excerpted from a speech by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2006 and also from the current Congress election manifesto. Even in the face of mounting protest from the Opposition alongside the Congress and CPM approaching the Election Commission against this flagrant violation of election rules, Modi is not ready to retract his remarks. Because, he knows for sure that Election Commission is not a separate entity from his office. Hence he feels no need to correct his gibberish. On the other hand, speaking at Aligarh Modi enumerated his ‘great services’ to Muslims.

As has been repeated many times, one of his claims is saving the lives of Muslim women and their families from triple talaq. His ‘great service’ is passing a law in parliament after the Supreme Court outlawed the practice handing out severe punishment to men who continue to practice triple talaq, which authentic Islamic scholars dismissed as not legal in Islam. While divorce is not criminalised in any of the civil laws of other religions, sentencing Muslim men to prison for civil disobedience is not true justice. Still more, another ‘great service’ is securing favourable recommendation for implementing Uniform Civil Code through a new commission including only his acolytes onboard after a report by the 18th Law Commission appointed by him recommended not to implement it. Abrogating the special status to Jammu and Kashmir alongside dividing the state into three union territories is another great service to the minority. It goes without saying these are a mockery of the common sense of 140 crore Indians. But Modi did not stop there either. In Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan yesterday, he repeated the same thing in a different way.

Even in the first phase of polls, Modi brigade has realized that bragging of more than 400 seats is not going to happen. They have come to the realization that not Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the Citizenship Amendment Act or the promise of an international Ramayana celebration but rampant unemployment, skyrocketing inflation are troubling the voters. The saffron brigade is haunted by the apprehension that the people are embracing INDIA bloc despite its lack of organized character or unified leadership. They understand the fact that changing place names, banning beef or banging plates will not solve the problems of the masses. The Narendra Modi-Amit Shah team has no sophisticated plans to make the world's largest democracy the most prosperous and powerful. They are fantasizing about going ahead with Jayashree Ram calls, leaving other matters to Ambani and Adani . And they may be also under the impression that they can lead the Hindi heartland by the nose. Hence, they are trying to get in power by harming and oppressing as much as possible the first of the main enemies that their Acharya pointed out in his Bunch of Thoughts. Let’s wait to see how long these calculations will go in the times when the science, technology and artificial intelligence are pushing human consciousness forward.

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