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Video shows Israel’s alleged use of Chemical bombs in Gaza

Video shows Israel’s alleged use of Chemical bombs in Gaza

Ramallah: As the conflict in the Gaza Strip intensifies, disturbing reports have surfaced suggesting that Israel may have utilized prohibited poisonous white phosphorus bombs in densely populated districts in Gaza.

It is not new that Israel is being held accountable for using prohibited chemical weapons against Palestinian civilians as the UN has several times condemned and passed resolutions against the use of such weapons. Social media platforms are ablaze with a video alleging the use of these banned munitions, igniting a fierce debate on the ethics of warfare.

White phosphorus, a chemical substance found in certain munitions, is known for igniting upon contact with air and inflicting severe burns, potentially burning through human flesh to the bone. The aftermath of exposure includes respiratory damage, infection, and organ failure.

Deploying such weaponry in heavily populated civilian areas is considered a war crime, even though not explicitly banned by international laws of armed conflict.

The conflict erupted following an unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas on southern Israel, prompting a swift and forceful response from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). While it is not officially confirmed that Israel deployed banned white phosphorus bombs, the toll of the conflict is stark—700 Israelis and 413 Palestinians reported dead.

The IDF claims to have targeted a structure housing Hamas operatives and several operational command centres. Among the targets was a three-floor facility allegedly used by the militant group.

Israel, in response to the allegations, has not officially confirmed the use of banned bombs. The ongoing conflict shows no signs of abating, with both sides continuing to exchange airstrikes, further escalating tensions in the already volatile region.

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