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Woman takes an 8-minute bathroom break, boss asks to take sick leave


A recent Reddit post has sparked widespread outrage on social media after a woman recounted an unsettling workplace incident while working remotely.

The woman's boss insisted she use sick leave or paid time off (PTO) for taking an 8-minute bathroom break, triggering intense reactions from users on the platform.

According to the Reddit user, while working from home, she briefly stepped away from her workstation for an 8-minute bathroom break. During this time, she received a voicemail from her boss, instructing her to either call in sick, utilise PTO, or immediately resume work online. Expressing frustration, she highlighted her disbelief at her boss suggesting the use of a sick day for such a short break.

Moreover, the Reddit user elaborated on the challenges within the company, mentioning issues such as verbal abuse from supervisors, abrupt schedule changes without prior notice, and assigning tasks to employees for which they lack proper qualifications. She said that the job, initially taken to escape retail work during college, had progressively worsened, indicating worse customer interactions, indifferent supervisors, and unfavourable working conditions.

In an update, the Reddit user mentioned receiving a verbal warning added to her file due to the incident. Subsequently, she contemplated seeking temporary secretary positions until finding a more suitable opportunity.

The Reddit post, not specifying the woman's location, quickly gained traction, amassing over 7,000 upvotes and nearly 500 comments. Users expressed strong opinions, with some advising the woman to leave the job and potentially report the company for any illegal actions or violations.

One user advised reporting any illegal actions or wage theft upon leaving the job. Another user highlighted the potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation in the US regarding restricted employee bathroom access. Suggestions ranged from taking mandated breaks to blocking personal phone numbers if used for work-related communication.

The overwhelming consensus among users was to prioritise one's well-being and adherence to employment rights, urging the woman to take necessary breaks and take appropriate actions for fair treatment in the workplace.

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