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US might need meat to wheedle Saudi & UAE to Ukraine cause

US might need meat to wheedle Saudi & UAE to Ukraine cause

Washington: Since the sour ties the United States have with the two Middle East Nations, UAE and Saudi Arabia, President Joe Biden will require substance to bargain with them since he desperately needs the duo's support in Ukraine situation. After actively imposing heavy sanctions on Russia one after the other, the US urges the two nations to increase oil production to impose an effective oil shock on Russia, The Guardian reports.

If the two countries, major suppliers of oil, kick up their production, the oil prices will decrease, soothing US consumers.

Last Wednesday, UAE had promised that it would urge OPEC countries to consider increasing oil production. Following that, oil prices ca,e down by 13 per cent, but OPEC took no action to increase production, consequently, prices went up to larger heights than before. The Guardian says that UAE was demonstrating what they could do.

Guardian further says that there is more matter than oil between the two and US. Abu Dabhi kept abstaining from voting in resolutions against Russia in the UN Security Council, which is attributed as a favour to Russia in return for Moscow's support on anti-Houthi positions Abu Dhabi wanted the UN council to take regarding Yemen. Regarding Saudi, the US administration wasn't happy about Riyadh's murder of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi by the crown prince's security aides, the war on Yemen, the jailing of rights activists and the boycott of Qatar.

Meanwhile, both Saudi and UAE were furious about the US administration removing Iran backed Houthis from global terrorists, where the US was trying to butter Iran to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

Both UAE and Saudi thinks that the US has a deeply critical view of them and is lenient on Iran.

Further, experts believe that ties are growing between Riyadh and Moscow.

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