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Netanyahu invokes Jewish pride against new alliance formed to topple him

Netanyahu invokes Jewish pride against new alliance formed to topple him

Tel Aviv: Soon after a coalition of parties with diverse ideological background has signed a deal in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called out the alliance terming it as dangerous. Netanyahu, who is seeing his imminent unseating from the longest-serving prime ministerial seat, is said to be working on thwarting it from happening.

Netanyahu expressed his first reaction through Twitter in which he tried to provoke Jewish pride, calling on all right-wing lawmakers to stand together to oppose the dangerous left-wing coalition that has been sold to politicians from the country's Arab minority.

The opposition head, Yair Lapid, who was invited by the country's President to form a government when Netanyahu run out of enough backing, extended hands to Naftali Bennett, the far-right leader to make a deal to take over power from Netanyahu.

The deal is set under which Bennett will become next Prime Minister for two years, a compromise Lapid made to unseat Netanyahu. If things go as planned now, the power transition would take at least two weeks as a vote of confidence is required from the Parliament till the time, experts say, the coalition is vulnerable to collapse.

What united parties of bitter ideological rivals, including Jewish religious nationalists and Arab Islamists, is nothing but to oust Netanyahu, a commonly shared desire.

Speaker of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, is reported to have rejected the newly formed coalition's demand to hold an early vote of confidence. Since being a member of the Likud party, the Speaker is said to be giving more time for Netanyahu to find his way to remain in the power.

Though opposing their views, the leaders of the coalition are certain that Netanyahu would exert his political acrobatics to safeguard his position during the interim period of 12 days. But their coalition that has a razor-thin margin of 61 seats in the 120-seat Knesset is as vulnerable as a defection of a single lawmaker could topple the government.

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