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Honduras to usher in first female President

Honduras to usher in first female President

A relatively peaceful election period has transitioned into what seems to be the rise of Honduras' first ever female Resident, democratic-socialist Xiomara Castro, who has declared a landslide victory for her Libre Party. Castro is the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya who was deposed 12 years ago, leading to a long reign by the right wing National Party.

"We have turned back authoritarianism," she told supporters late on Sunday, surrounded by her Libre Party faithful, aides and family, including her husband Zelaya, who was ousted when business and military elites allied against him, ushering in a dozen years of right-wing rule. This time around the business sector has come out in support of Castro and any administration she may create.

The ruling National Party has been beset by a series of corruption scandals and a dip in public sentiment after President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who changed the constitution to allow for his disputed 2017 re-election and was later implicated in a drug trafficking case in a U.S. federal court. His candidate Nasry Asfura received only 34% support compared to Castro's 53%. 45% of the votes have been counted so far with Castro holding a 20 point lead.

The election is the latest political flashpoint in Central America, a major source of US-bound migrants fleeing chronic unemployment and gang violence. Honduras is among the world's most violent countries, although homicide rates recently have dipped. It also bodes I'll with the country's ties with Taiwan as Castro has vowed to establish official links with China if elected.

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