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Is India retracing its steps to Treta Yuga?

Is India retracing its steps to Treta Yuga?

"In the Hindu Rashtra, Muslims and Christians will have all the rights of common people. They can pursue education, venture into business and engage in professions. They will have the same rights the other citizens enjoy, except for the right to vote as adults. All other 16-year-olds will have the right to vote. Only 26-year-olds can contest elections. Varanasi will be the capital of the nation. A 543-member religious parliament will be in place. The penal laws of the Treta and Dwapara Yugas will come into force. Everything will be decided on the basis of caste. All the rules and regulations derived from the British era will be abolished. Education in disciplines including Ayurveda, Maths, Astrology, Geosciences, Astronomy, etc will be imparted through gurukula system," these are some of the basic principles of the Hindu Rashtra Constitution to be in force in India. Swami Swarupanand, head of Varanasi-centred Shankaracharya Parishad, revealed these details. It is also revealed that the constitution in its complete form will have 750 pages.

In the Dharma Sansad held in Prayagraj in February this year, Hindu Rashtra Building Committee Chief Kameshwar upadhyay, Senior Supreme Court Advocate B.N. Reddy, defense expert Anand Vardhan, Sanatana Dharma scholar Chandamani Mishra and Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Ajay Singh were tasked to prepare draft of the Constitution. In the Dharma Sansad in February next year, they will present the draft with the frontispiece of "Akhand Bharat." Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar can also be part of Akhanda Bharat. At first glance, the 'Hindu Rashtra Constitution' may sound like a joke, a mockery or a utopia. But it is an undeniable fact every step taken by the Sangh Parivar, which won a second term in 2019 after coming to power in 2014 under the leadership of Narendra Modi, is heading towards Hindu Rashtra.

The head of the Parivar's parent body, the RSS, has unequivocally declared that India is Hindu Rashtra. The democratic-secular Constitution of India is their major obstacle to the implementation of Hindu Rashtra. The country has seen that nothing hinders the BJP's central- state governments to introduce laws that disparage the essence of Constitution or making a mockery of the existing laws. But if the nation-building as envisioned by the monks were to take place, the Constitution approved and implemented by the Constituent Assembly under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar and Jawaharlal Nehru will have to be cancelled, rather than having to amend it. With the approval of the two-thirds of the Parliament, the core amendments can be introduced in the constitution; however, the clauses related to fundamental rights are beyond amendment. In order to disown the constitution that ensures equal citizenship for all Indians regardless of caste, religion and gender, while completely rejecting the caste system, and ensuring a modern justice system, the country will have to travel as far back as Treta Yuga.

Treta Yuga is estimated to be of 12,96,000 years. Even if there existed such an age, it happened beyond the time that science considers to be the beginning of human habitation on earth. In order to believe that penal laws were in existence at the time when there were no humans, we have to argue that the legends and myths were hundred percent true. No point in asking such questions to the Dharma Sansad acharyas. It's all a matter of faith. Those queued up with bottles of milk to feed idols on hearing about idols drinking milk are also from our country. In fact, other than chanting Hindu Rashtra day and night, Hindutvadis do not have any fundamental principles or practical format of the concept of a nation.

The ideology of the Sangh Parivar is entirely racial. As the architects of its constitution declared that Hindu Rashtra will be based on caste, it is certain that the underprivileged, tribals, Dalits and backward castes will be declared as second-class citizens. The enlightened citizenry and the politico-cultural heroes that lead them should ponder whether the republic that celebrated its 75th anniversary of independence be taken back to such a dark age.

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