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'Flour massacre' and Biden's ploys

Flour massacre and Bidens ploys

History has shown many rulers who ruthlessly massacred and starved human beings to death. But there have not been many who showed the effrontery to laugh at the victims' helplessness. US President Joe Biden has secured his place in that rare list. On the one hand, he aids and abets the Zionist regime of Israel in its massacre of Palestinians by giving it arms and funds, and on the other, he drops food packets on those rendered hapless because of the mass murder. Even while doing this, America keeps reiterating its support to Israel which drove away hundreds of thousands of people to the southern part of Gaza with the financial, military and diplomatic support of America. And tens of thousands of people were killed with the arms and thanks to the veto exercised by the US in the UN. Even as Israel bombs and demolishes hospitals and refugee camps, and commits the war crime of strangulating Gaza and thus kills them through starvation, Biden and his allies were standing by the Zionist nation with it encouragement. The one entity that lent all help to Israel to drop bombs on civilian population, even after the World Health Organisation, United Nations, the Red Cross and innumerable humanitarian organisations spoke about the huge humanitarian tragedy, was none other than the Biden administration. Even when trucks carrying food and medicines were lined up for kilometers at the Rafah border, America stood by Israel which made those blocks challenging humanity. Had America refrained from exercising just one of its vetoes, the situation of children being denied food that was available close by and thus starving to death, would not have been this serious.

Israel is responsible for the tragic incident called 'Flour massacre', but America shares equal blame. While people including children who were nearing death were waiting, Israel lets in a few trucks with flour packets. And then Israeli troops fires at those who dashed towards it to grab some flour to feed their children, saying that they were deemed dangerous. Observers have commented that Israel was actually preparing the ground to commit massacre. Over 110 people were killed in this manner. The party that committed this is Israel which enjoys the support of America. And the party that killed the people rushing for food was again the same Israel. This diabolic act, which outdoes even all that Israel had done earlier and what even Hitler's Germany had not done, shocked the world. Those who had hesitated to criticise Israel and America also openly condemned this grave crime. Things reached a point when the US stood the risk of being isolated at the UN and outside. Even a call for expelling the US from the UN started being raised. The image of America reached an all-time low.

It was probably in this situation that on the second day after the flour massacre, America despatched 0.02 per cent of the flour to Gaza with the accompaniment of wide publicity. It was not because ample quantity of this could not be supplied conveniently and quietly by road that it was forced to discharge them by aircraft in bits, but because Israel had blocked international aid. Allowing aid vehicles to enter was something which Biden could have asked of Netanyahu by a simple phone call. Not only did he fail to do that, but even as news about children dying out of starvation kept coming, the US president was repeating his refrain of Israel's 'right to self-defence'. And now all of a sudden he puts on a saintly air by throwing food packets. It is not news that the the Biden regime lacks sense of justice. What is new is its naivete to believe that by playing this drama before the world it can fool every one. They are watching gleefully by stifling an entire population, massacring them continuously by denying food, water and medicines and by throwing dust in the eyes of the world. They are not mocking just Palestine but humanity.

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