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Dubai Municipality invests Dh112m to upgrade Dubai Creek's historic pier, walls

Dubai Municipality invests Dh112m to upgrade Dubai Creeks historic pier, walls

Dubai: Dubai Municipality embarks on a monumental project aimed at rejuvenating and fortifying the supporting walls lining the Deira side of Dubai Creek, with an investment of AED 112 million. The initiative, unveiled on Sunday, signifies the municipality's commitment to enhance the resilience and infrastructure of this historic waterway.

The comprehensive endeavour seeks to bolster the efficacy of the creek's retaining walls by undertaking a series of measures, including the refurbishment of docks, reconstruction of deteriorated sections accumulated over the past half-century and fortification against potential flooding during adverse weather conditions. The project aims to minimize disruptions to commercial traffic, ensuring smoother maritime operations year-round.

The project is set to unfold in two distinct phases and the initial stage will focus on rehabilitating a 2.1-kilometre stretch along the Deira side of Dubai Creek. To facilitate uninterrupted docking traffic, the site will be meticulously segmented, with each section undergoing sequential upgrades. The subsequent phase will extend over a 2.3-kilometre expanse along the Bur Dubai side, further solidifying the creek's structural integrity.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, emphasized the project's significance in elevating Dubai's global standing as a premier tourism and commercial destination. Al Hajri articulated that the initiative exemplifies the municipality's steadfast commitment to strategic and sustainable development, aimed at enhancing coastal facilities and infrastructure across the Emirate.

"The project is poised to enhance the security and safety of maritime traffic and commercial operations within Dubai Creek. As a vital artery of Dubai's growth, the creek not only facilitates the passage of over 13,000 ships annually but also fosters economic and social prosperity within the emirate", said Al Hajri.

Along with fortifying the creek's defences against climate change and rising sea levels, the municipality has conducted meticulous technical studies to devise construction designs adhering to the highest global standards. These measures aim to preserve the stability of supporting walls while mitigating the risks posed by seasonal weather fluctuations.

Over 14 months, the project will encompass the restoration of the 2.1-kilometre Deira pier, entailing the replacement and rehabilitation of damaged sections of the concrete wall. These enhancements will entail reaching a depth of 8 meters and increasing the wall's height to 3 meters, ensuring the safe docking of ships in the area.

Dubai Municipality aims to elevate the level of services by revamping Dubai Creek's supporting infrastructure and facilities available for safe docking and navigation. This includes the provision of 200 anchors across the dock, further strengthening maritime operations in the region.

Dubai Creek stands as a testament to the Emirate's rich maritime heritage, serving as a historic nexus for trade and commerce for over a century. Despite the relentless pace of development, the creek continues to resonate with historical, commercial and economic significance, reaffirming its status as a cornerstone of Dubai's identity and prosperity.

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