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Israel says new wall is 'impenetrable', Palestinians reject claim

Israel says new wall is impenetrable, Palestinians reject claim

Gaza: Israel finished the installation of an enhanced security barrier around the Gaza Strip to prevent militants from sneaking into the country. But Palestine forces rejected Israel claims that the walls are impenetrable, Arab News reported.

The 65-Kilometer barrier installed by Israel includes radar systems, maritime sensors and network underground sensors to detect militant tunnels. Existing fences got replaced with 6-meter high "smart-fence" with detection devices and cameras, Israel said in its announcement on the completion of the security barrier.

The barrier, announced in 2016, was created to prevent the repetition of infiltrations that happened in the 2014 war in which Palestinian forces used tunnels to carry out offensive operations.

It was made with the effort of 1,200 workers with materials of 1.2 million cubic metres of concrete and 1,40,000 tonnes of iron and steel and ultimately incurring a cost of 1.13 billion dollars. Israel army said that the amount of concrete used could pave a road from Israel to Bulgaria while the total length of steel could reach Australia from Israel.

Meanwhile, Palestinian forces claimed that the wall was doomed to failure, just like other Israeli fortifications in the past. Hamas said that the wall would not stand in the way of the resistance to respond to Israel's aggressions and crimes.

Despite their simple capabilities compared to Israel, Hamas can surprise the enemy with qualitative operations from where the enemy does not expect, Hamas' commander Abu Musab said. Musab claimed that Israel's Iron Dome (defence system) couldn't prevent Palestinian rockets that reached the farthest range inside the occupying country, and similarly, the wall would fail.

The spokesman for Popular Resistance Committees, Muhammad Al-Buraim, said that Palestine forces are working on their capabilities and will not fail to achieve goals. Retired Major General Rafiq Abu Hani asserted that the building of the wall showed Israel's recognition of its inability to military resolve its conflict with Gaza.

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