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Why this mountain lion hides in the bush from human?

Why this mountain lion hides in the bush from human?

Image courtesy of India Today 

New Delhi: There are incidents of wild animals attacking humans, rarely though.

When an incident crops up, we get overly excited knowing well that odds are high for us to bump into wild animals.

Animals mostly avoid direct encounter with humans—perhaps they know instinctually that humans are more dangerous than them.

Many who commented to a viral video, which showed a mountain lion hiding under bush seeing a woman, said that animals avoid fighting with humans.

The video of lion and the woman, shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda, has been viewed over 21k times, according to India Today.

However, a lot of people still believe that animals, especially big cats like lions, attack humans at sight. No, they don't.

If they felt threatened by human presence, they will certainly attack, many commented.

Of course, wild animals are often seen in videos walking nonchalantly in the presence of humans.

You may have seen people in open-top vehicles taking trip through parks for wild animals.

Lions may even come closer to vehicles, and go away after mooching around it out of curiosity.

It is amazing to see them sparing a nice snack or a meal available so closely without having to hunt for it.

Only experts could say if their brains are wired only to attack animals in their living habitats for food.

And humans being not part of animals' habitat may appear to them either as strangers or a threat—and the attack perhaps depends on which of the two they choose to believe, only an expert could help us here.

The video of a lion straying into human habitat shows a growing serious of problem of animals losing their ground to human activities.

Thanks to our meddling with their peaceful lives in the deep forest where we have many moneyed activities that force the wild animals leave their habitat.

Afterwards we will wonder why a lion is hiding in the backyard of a home—let's stop asking, "What has brought it here?" It has nowhere to go.

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