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Tovinos Kala; A clash between elite and indigenous human beings
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Tovino's Kala; A clash between elite and indigenous human beings


"Kala", the third directorial venture of Rohit V S after Adventures of Omanakuttan and Iblis is a movie which points a spear of cinematographic frames towards the audience. The movie engages us with a vicious duel between the main leads.

The film starts with a quote by Oscar Wilde, 'Selfishness is not living as one wish to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.'The whole story is depicted through the conflicts between the first and second phrase in the quote.

Shaji, a fair, well-built rich man who inhabit with his father Raveendran, wife Vidya, son Appu and his toxic masculine ego is one among the major dual. On the other hand, his opponent is a nameless, black lean boy who arrives at Shaji's residence for exterior works in the compound with an odd intention and vengeance. Shaji being the pig who destructed the boy's companionship with his dog is finally hunted by the anger and revenge of this native boy.

Shaji played by Tovino Thomas is a narcist, selfish patriarchal product who lies more than 80 percent in his conversations. He survives by manipulating and reinforcing himself as a superior to satisfy his fear of inferiority. His wife Vidya is a submissive home maker who get wedged between the this patriarchal set up, but still doesn't question her husband.

Most of her conversations starts and end with Shajis name. Even though she is suffocated in her life, she enjoys and comfort herself in Shaji's masculinity rather than questioning it.Shaji's superiority is always been challenged before his father, another incarnation of greed and masculinity. In otherwords,Shaji is his father's exact ditto in terms of all toxic characteristics that he holds.Shaji also proudly passes his toxic traits which he inherited from his father to his son by moulding the kid to become a "Man".

The symbolism and visual metaphors used in the movie to communicate the essence of incursion and establishment of power is appreciable. The assailment which the duo indulge is representation of indifference in the justice served to the suppressed class. It is rise of the hidden and muted voices among the so-called civilized homo sapiens. The snail, ants, squirrels and even the bloody leaves do have a significant role of symbolism to play in the movie. The first watch may emanate a feeling of lag in the initial half, but re-watching solves the purpose of it. Kala cannot be a spoon-fed entertainer but a story told in different layers.

The dogs represented in this movie have immense significance. Blacky, an imported breed dog is a well-placed symbol of Shaji's ego and greed. He never let Blacky go unchained. Shaji grooms the dog and hold its neck chain tightly with a disguise pride. Whereas 'Baw', the dog of boy from Attapadi is a portrayal of his master's love, sensitivity and humanity that he bears. Shaji is wounding this emotion of the forest - native boy through killing his dog for mere ego satisfaction.

Music and Background score by Dawn Vincent is a catalyst to the mood and intensity of the whole picture.

Performance by Sumesh Moor and Tovino Thomas is organic and natural. Both the actors did a magnificent work, especially in the brutal stunts.

Rohit and his co-writer YadhuPushkaran had succeeded in creating the plot with a pinnacle intense. Akhil George the cinematographer and Chaman Chakko the editor successfully cultivated anintense enthusiasm in each viewer through their brilliance.

Kala is not a bare action movie which depicts the vicious conflict between Shaji and a native boy who intrude, but a clash between the elite ego and vengeance among the suppressed for denying their survival. Also, Kala is a hope.

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