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Israel revealing itself


For all its shortcomings,  the elections in Israel can be credited with having removed all its masks.  They have proved what that country has become under a Zionist rule.  The fifth term given to its incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu represents an open declaration that human rights violations and flouting of international law are in the very DNA of the Zionist nation.

Through a majority decision,  Israel has proven itself to be a reincarnation of the erstwhile apartheid  nation of South Africa which champions of democracy and the nations of the world had shunned and later transformed.   That most of the Palestinian-origin citizens abstained from elections is only a technicality.  The Zionist camp who demanded that they should not vote virtually stopped them from casting their vote by installing cameras,  which ensured polling would not be that easy.  But that is not the only reason for their ineffectiveness.  It was also that they had little to choose between the victor Netanyahu and the vanquished Benny Gantz.  

Both leaders were vying with each other in spewing racial venom,  as the polling drew close.  When Gantz said that Palestinians would be bombed and transported to the stone age,  Netanyahu won greater applause by saying that the illegally occupied Jewish settlements in West Bank would be annexed to the country.  In an election tussle between two - both supremely oblivious of humanity or legality in word and deed -  the Palestinians both inside and outside Israel  became a people who had lost everything even before polling.   They should  in a way be thankful to Israel for having shown its appartheid character before the world.

At some point in history when the founders of Israel had won the sympathy of the world by citing the torture and pain they suffered during the Nazi domination.   But now today their country annexes the land of another people, and commits against them what Jews experienced and much more.   If the Nazis had called Jews rats,  The Zionists in Israel call Palestinians wild beasts and snakes.  And what Netanyahu and his party celebrate now is the victory won by Nazism,  Fascism and South African brand of apartheid.

This victory will become a tragedy for not only Israel and Palestine.  When the origin of global terrorism gains strength,   a smile appears on the face of some who made a business out of conflicts and war.   The subservience of US to Israel has increased under Donald Trump;   even within the Arab world,  Zionist brutality is earning new friends.  Interests of injustice and arms trade are bound to create new victims.

Israel's imperialist terrorism has become acceptable to many to such an extent that the deceit of peace talks that started with the Oslo deal is no more needed.   The very forces who raised a two-state theory after capture of the Palestinian land,  have now buried it.   When the deeds of the brutal regime, i.e land grabbing,  annexations,   alienation of real land owners,  marginalizing them through insults,  destroying their homes and agriclture and imprisoning children,  all strict no no for the civilized world are ratified,  the losers are not only Palestinians and the world,  but the spirit of humanity itself.

It is highly relevant to examine what other countries are doing to recognize the complete negation of human values and to re-establish justice in the world.   The universal acceptability of movemets like BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions that work to end the international support to Israel),  combined with the popular sentiments even within Israel against Zionist atrocities and against the inherent corruption of Zionist politics,  are all good signs.

The divisions within Palestinians have always been a need of Israel, and has benefited it too.   Add to it the sad fact that the world body of United Nations is incapable of enforcing international laws.  Israel has commiteed innumerable violations including annexing land captured during war and attacking civilians in occupied territories.   Though the UN has passsed several resolutions disapproving such acts,  it is infructuous when it comes to implementing its decisions. Israel could not be declared a country apartheid, solely because of the servility to Israel of dominant powers.  And through that, the world was admitting that might is right.   Israel which with its pretensions of modernity and progress has brought the world to its line,  has now shown its true colours.

The 'progressive' façade of Israel is now laid bare with the lowest women's representation and a total negation of plurality.   The fifth term earned by Netanyahu is an opportunity for humanity to evalute Israel for what it is:  with its reactionary character proven within and outside the country,  and as a Zionist state that is becoming an increasing threat to world peace.

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