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Yet another terrorist attack

Yet another terrorist attack

It was amidst the tactful attempts of the powerful nations including the US to eradicate terrorists by forming new alliances, that a blast at Manchester Arena in Britain on Monday night killed 22 people and injured 119 others.

The fact that the youth and children who attended a performance by US pop singer Ariana Grande were the main victims of the attack intensifies the severity of the tragedy. Salman Abedi, a 22-year old born and brought up in Manchester was identified as the suicide bomber by the British government. Although reports that the ISIS claimed responsibility of the attack exists, there are several scepticisms that still remain unclarified. The politics behind the brutal incident that occurred with only a few days left for the election in the country, should be analysed prudently. Secondly, the attack occurred at the time when the US president Donald Trump reached Rome, the home of Catholic Church after visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel as part of his first foreign visit. For Britain, the Manchester attack is the worst terrorist attack after the 2005 London bombings that killed 52 people causing extensive damage to properties. Prime Minister Theresa May revealed that the attack could have likely be conspired by a wider network than just the involvement of a suicide bomber and that the threat of another terrorist attack was imminent. Armed soldiers has been deployed in ‘key locations’ across London to aid the police force. The experts in the field concludes that the Manchester attack might be conspired aiming to intimidate not only Britain but Europe as a whole. There are reports of arresting three people from West Manchester so far.

France, Germany and Denmark have incurred huge losses as a result of terrorist attacks unleashed targeting the European nations. Every such attack has only reinforced the political agenda of the extreme right wing and inflamed the anti-Semitic sentiments. Lately, many political parties carry out campaigns on the pretext of terrorism in order to foster a political ideology that is deeply rooted in anti-immigrant sentiments. The backdrop of seeing the referendum which favoured Brexit in Britain as a victory of leaders with anti-refugee agenda, couldn’t be ignored. The media warns of attempts by certain epicentres to ignite the sentiments against the immigrants after the Manchester attack. Discussions are also seemingly rife on social media about a ‘final solution’. Experts observe that Prime Minister May might take advantage of the situation to bolster her political stance and influence the public support into her favour in the election.

The recurrent tragedies will lead one to the conclusion that the defensive mechanisms adopted by the world powers and their alliances to check terrorist activities have so far been ineffective. Like president Donald Trump said during his visit to Saudi Arabia, the majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims. So far, about 95 per cent of the victims in terrorist attacks belongs to this community. At the same time, given the absence of a recognised definition for the term 'terrorism', the reality is that each country as well as their governments present their own versions based on their interests and political agenda. That’s why Trump counts Hezbollah and Hamas that fight for the Palestinians against Israel, along with the terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. The world powers join hands in obliterating Syria and millions of innocents get killed and displaced in the process. The question as to who is responsible for the predicament unfolds the actual threat before the people of 21st century. Let the realisation, that the humanity as a whole currently reaps what the progressive and civilised world sowed, remain intact.

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