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The shameful brawl in the police force

The shameful brawl in the police force

Home affairs and Finance are the two departments that serve as the backbone of the state government.

As per the concept, the government can function smoothly if it could ensure an improved law and order state and a stable economy. However, since the Pinarayi government assumed office, it’s the home department that has invited the most criticisms. The ‘contributions’ of those at the top posts in the police force in tarnishing the reputation of the government, are being continued. It seems that those appointed in responsible positions are resorting to cheap tactics with vengeance without comprehending the power of their statures. Of late, reports of ongoing fights between the Police chief T P Senkumar and ADGP Tomin J Thanchankerry, shames the people. That the street brawls, verbal slurs and goading are what is now being heard happening at the police headquarters brings disgrace to the state. The scuffle came to light on May 9 when Thachankerry filed a complaint with the Chief Secretary Nalini Netto and Home Secretary Subratha Vishwas saying that DGP Senkumar had manhandled him. Both have been hurling grave allegations against each other. DGP says that Thachankerry leaked many sensitive files related to the former’s case from the top-secret ‘T branch’ at the police headquarters. However, Thachankerry argues that given that there were only a few days left for retirement, Senkumar requesting files of clandestine nature had wrong intentions. Thachankerry has also informed the home department of a possible misuse of the information from the ‘T branch’ against the government in future.

The fight didn’t spurt out on its own. It’s only a natural consequence of some maneuvers adopted by the government. Tomin Thachankerry has been appointed as the ADGP only with the intention of enforcing curbs on Senkumar who was reinstated to the post of police chief by the Supreme Court. When the efforts of Senkumar to foil these revengeful tactics stemming out of displeasure in having a disliked person in the post of the State Police Chief did not become successful, it led to a confrontation. Thachankerry naturally opposed Senkumar’s demand to make the top-secret department under his direct control. Senkumar claims that as a police chief, he called Thachankerry to the office for disrupting his work and strictly warned him. However, Thachankerry in his complaint says that Senkumar had verbally abused and threatened him. According to Senkumar, Thachankerry was a police officer with a wrong character, unfit for his post as an ADGP. The police chief has also warned that he had conducted certain investigations about Thachankerry and that he would disclose all the details to the central government if such cases were continued. In short, both the parties are in fray, determined to win.

As far as Senkumar who retires from service this month, is concerned, he might be wanting to ‘effectively’ utilize the remaining few days that he secured with the help of the apex court. But isn’t it appropriate to realize on his own, the idiocy in believing that he could have his way by rendering a government that doesn’t approve of him as a mere silent spectator? The solution for keeping top-secret information could be a product of the government’s ‘over-intelligence’. It was the apt person who was entrusted for executing the task. The approach of the government in the issue was made clear from its immediate reaction to Senkumar’s move of transferring the junior superintendent at the T branch. It’s not clear whether the government had expected the police chief to back away acknowledging his limitations. The presence of more than one ADGP, IGs and DIGs earlier at the police headquarters might be aiming an effective police rule. It’s understood that it’s not the dearth of officers but the infights between them that has worsened the situation. The present developments are ruining the repute of the LDF government. Those concerned should admit that the present imbroglio in the police force has been created as a result of the attempts to accomplish goals through shortcuts rather than doing it with patience. The question that remains is whether the atmosphere would be eased of tension with Senkumar stepping down this month end.

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